22/03/2017 11:48 GMT

This Groom Dyed His Bride's Wedding Dress Blue Before Their Big Day


A contestant on ‘Don’t Tell The Bride Ireland’ decided to dye his bride-to-be’s wedding dress blue and it sent viewers into a frenzy.

The engaged couple, Jamie Moten and Nikki Corscadden, took part in the TV show, which aired on Monday 20 March, and were given €10,000 (£8,760) for their dream wedding. 

But, as those familiar with the programme will know, the catch was that the groom had to do all of the wedding planning, without the bride-to-be knowing any details. 

Moten made the brave decision to dye his chosen white wedding dress - which cost €1450 (£1255) - a shade of blue, to mark the fact he’d met Corscadden on the online dating site Plenty Of Fish. 

And the risky move had many viewers face palming. 

Viewers took to Twitter to share their anxiety over the groom’s choice:

“Good grief, the poor girl is going to look like a smurf,” one wrote. 

“Oh my God. She looks like the Virgin Mary,” another wrote. 

“In what universe is dying your wife’s dress blue okay?” questioned another. 

But the end result didn’t turn out as many expected:

“I actually really like it. Oh God, it’s really blue,” the bride-to-be said. 

He pulled it off. He actually pulled it off.