Woman's Brilliant Reason For Wearing Wedding Dress On Every Anniversary

Makes sense 👰

Most wedding dresses cost a pretty penny, which makes the prospect of wearing them just once in your lifetime rather depressing.

One woman decided to make the most of her expensive purchase by sporting her ivory dress every year on her wedding anniversary.

Samantha Burns has rocked her wedding dress to the golf course, out shopping and even for brunch.

She says it not only allows you to “get your money’s worth” but also acts as motivation to stay trim.

Dating coach Burns, who is from Boston, wrote on her website that she has been married for two years now and has sported her wedding dress on both anniversaries.

She said it was on her wedding day that she realised she wanted to wear her wedding dress to celebrate their anniversaries forevermore.

She said: “I had looked forward to the day for so long and couldn’t believe in a matter of hours it was over. It was in that moment that I turned to my husband and told him that I intended to wear my wedding dress for every anniversary as long as I could fit in it.”

For the couple’s first anniversary, Burns’ husband planned a surprise week-long break, so she took her wedding dress along for the ride too.

Burns ended up playing golf in her wedding dress, which she said “made quite the impression” at the driving range.

She also devoured brunch - chocolate chip pancakes, for that matter - in her expensive dress.

For the couple’s second year anniversary, the pair went on a sunset dinner cruise. And, you guessed it, Burns dug out her bridal gown.

She said that three days after her two-year anniversary, her wedding dress was still lying on the bedroom floor.

“It’s collected some stains on the bottom, but I much prefer this than keeping it in a pristine box that will never see the light of day, or my husband’s adoring eyes,” she explained.

“I smile when I walk past it, the light catching the sparkles, as if it’s winking at me, saying, ‘I’ll see you next year!’”

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