06/09/2016 12:14 BST | Updated 06/09/2017 06:12 BST

The Vegan Cold War Has Started!

In cities all around the world there is a new enemy of the state. No this isn't a new despot dictator or a destructive industry. This new perceived threat is a movement that challenges the status quo its name is 'veganism'.

A new cold war, subtle in its nature, has been declared by big businesses and governments around the world. In the west we are rapidly becoming a meat reductionist society. This global shift away from animal derived products means reduced profits for businesses and governments.

These governments and businesses have a vested interest in us continuing to eat animals and the fightback from the dominant culture has already began.

Recently a German Minister warned people that a diet lacking in animal products is hazardous to their life. He attributed that vegans are likely to live longer because they are less likely to be smokers, drink heavily and they exercise more regularly.

It is most likely if you're reading this article you would have heard about the vegan Italian couple whose malnourished child was taken into care. This opportunity to criticise veganism was instantly seized upon by the media and politicians. This is despite malnourishment being widespread in children eating an omnivorous diet.

This story led to an Italian member of parliament wanting to introduce a law making it illegal for parents to bring up their child vegan.

And It doesn't stop there. In 2015 it was revealed that Hampton Creek an innovative vegan food company were the target of USDA orchestrated smear campaigns by bloggers and chefs.

Fast forward to 2016 and it is no surprise that Hampton Creek find themselves the target of a media scandal. Hampton Creek stand accused of instructing staff to purchase products in shops in inflate perceived consumer demand.

Another prime example of the establishments attempts to diminish the virtues of a vegan diet can be found in a recent TV interview with author and activist Ruby Roth. The presenters set out to insinuate that eating a vegan diet is unhealthy for children. The brilliant Ruby dispatches their attacks on veganism with panache and scientific evidence.

The truth is veganism directly challenges the dominant food culture. It calls for the end to animal exploitation which is big business. Animals don't get paid wages and they sadly have very little in the way of rights. Accepting the truth about animal welfare is incredibly hard. It means questioning almost everything we have ever been told about where food and the ethical framework that we live our lives by.

We have now reached a point in time where veganism is seen not just the right choice for people who care about animals. It is now a lifestyle choice for those people wanting to be healthy and who care about helping to tackle climate change.

Progressive mainstream businesses recognise that they need to adapt and shift towards using less or no animal products. They recognise that veganism offers a chance to innovate and make delicious food free from animal exploitation.

In London there are countless examples of food businesses like Club Mexicana, What The Pitta and Pomodoro Basilico. They report serving non vegan customers everyday, who come to them because they like the food not because they are vegan.

Yet a very real but subtle war is quietly being waged against those who would challenge the status quo. Government's are reliant on the huge profits generated through animal agriculture. And with a looming pensions crisis and creaking health services around the world it could be argued that governments don't want us to live the extra 7 good years that a vegan diet could provide us with.

Like anyone that is under attack the dominant culture is scared. They know change is coming veganism is an inevitable tide on it's way in. The question is will the currently powerful businesses adapt to this new tide or will they fight a futile battle and be washed away?