15/05/2013 05:17 BST | Updated 14/07/2013 06:12 BST

The 'Fuss' About Lad Culture


'Lad Culture: Is There a Need for Such a Fuss?'

Yes, Molly, there is. Your post, and the following questions/issues you raise are... confusing. You write that you don't understand the big fuss surrounding lad culture then go on to list the problems with it, so essentially what you're saying is you don't see the big fuss about misogyny, sexism, and objectification. These things are so prevalent in our society, and have been for so long that there's just no need to fuss over them, but we should punch the guy in the face when gropes our bums in public.


Since you are so confused about it all, I will explain. Lad culture is built on sexism and misogyny.

Shock, horror, and all the rest because it really is that simple.

We need to make a "fuss" about it because it's the only way we will be heard; unfortunately just fighting our own little independent battles is not enough. It's not just groping women in bars, it's the male colleague sexually harassing his female colleague, it's rape and sexual assault, it's unequal wage packets, it's having to work ten times harder and reject your affiliation with other women so that you may have a chance at the promotion, it's unequal maternity/paternity time off because women belong at home.

Understand that lad culture is a subdivision of our society and is not contained, it spreads through everything. Advertisements directed at men that show a woman as an object (a games console, a beer bottle, etc) are not only appealing to men within the culture, but also reinforce the idea that objectifying women is right and okay. Our society makes lad culture acceptable.

The thing is though, you also think women have some share of the blame? If we do, it's certainly not in the way you mentioned. I had never heard of Lass Bible until you mentioned it in your post, but regardless, it's wrong. The games you and your girlfriends play is wrong. Flirting with men to get free drinks perpetuates the idea that women can be bought and the right price, and therefore wrong. The difference between what you do and what the men do is that this is very contained. Men are not under threat, in the same way, in the real world, they don't have to worry about their attire for fear they might get groped, nor do they have to worry about getting raped by a woman on their way home from a night out. They will not be labeled as "sluts", by the general public, if they walk around topless, and they are more likely to get hired for no other reason than the fact they are men. I hope you can see the difference.

We need to make international noise about this. Not only in the form of protesting but in the form of educating too, and I know you don't dispute that (which makes your article even more confusing). We need to teach boys and men that women's bodies are priceless. They are living, breathing organisms that can feel as much as they can think, and having a different set of genitals does not change our capacity to do so.