rape culture

Across the country, rape culture pervades campuses and videos of racism in halls go viral, while universities continue to fail and further marginalise the students who need them most.
Initial reaction to the singer's arrest showed us the prevalence of rape culture – and a lack of understanding of what it actually is
'Once somebody has been accused of rape, I believe the victim above the perpetrator.'
In a violent society where women are constantly under threat of violation, here is a simple guide for men to know and understand: what is consent?
Currently prosecutors must prove sex was non-consensual in order to secure a rape conviction.
He has not been ridiculed or dehumanised for what he has done, but the victim bears the brunt of this pain.
As women, we are constantly undermined, attacked and silenced, and we do not need reminding of the great contributions to the Arts by abusive men. All this reminds us of is the fact that they are still allowed to make art; that the lived experiences of hundreds of women silenced is still not enough to silence their abusers.
While we will never know, I think it is important to emphasise that 'grading' harassment or violence without context and failing to assess the intentions of the harasser only serves to weaken the voices of the abused.
The product being advertised by the jeweller is geared toward women; the same group most affected by this type of violence.
It is true that rates of violence against women vary significantly across and even within countries. However, as the #MeToo campaign has highlighted, sexual harassment and sexual assault are something that women in every corner of the globe experience on a regular basis.