Halloween Sees Man Dress As Bottle Of Rohypnol

Rohypnol. Seriously?

Every year, Halloween brings an inevitable slew of ill-advised costumes - but we may have found the worst example of 2016 right here.

One gentleman in a bar in Charleston, South Carolina, seemed to think it was a good idea to dress up as a bottle of the date-rape drug Rohypnol.

Yes, seriously...

His outfit included “labels” which featured sentences such as...

  • “Give two tablets to attractive unaware girl.”

  • “Await drooling, drowsiness or unconsciousness.”

  • “Take home, bring friends, enjoy show.”

  • “No more than 15 guys per girl.”

  • ‘No means Yes.’

The pictures were posted online by Jim Lohmar, who spotted the man at Halloween.

He said he saw the man argue with nine women before being escorted out of the bar.

Many Twitter users responded in disbelief at the costume choice...

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