Trump-Streep Tiff lllustrates A Divided America

Trump-Streep Tiff lllustrates A Divided America

Whoops he did it again...Yes Donald Trump, soon to lead the world's most powerful and spendthrift nation couldn't let a derisory comment about him from actress Meryl Streep go unanswered via his over used Twitter account. But more importantly the aftermath of this exchange illustrates the divide between Hollywood and much of America.

Streep, who was being presented a lifetime achievement award at the annual Hollywood Golden Globe ceremony Sunday gave an acceptance speech in which she alluded to Trump's now infamous attempt at imitating the movements of a handicapped reporter during the election campaign. "It stunned sank its hooks into my heart," the triple Oscar winner said. She had no valid reason to remind the audience of this. Anyone following the election campaign would have seen this tasteless scene.

Well it didn't take Trump long to get on his laptop and tweet: "Meryl Streep, one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood, doesn't know me but attacked last night at the Golden Globes." I seems we are about to have a 70-year-old child for a president.

The exchange has resulted in heavy partisan reader response on all news sites carrying the story. There are those who defended Streep and others that attacked her for her speech.

Both sides of the twitter sphere had valid points. But above all is the fact that once again the entertainment industry, which in fact enabled Donald Trump to become the new president, went political with Streep and other award winners at the show taking veiled swipes at America's new leader before he has even assumed the office.

Award shows about people acting and living in a fantasy world should deal with their careers, not taking cheap shots at someone who hasn't done anything yet.. They should exhibit the same restraints as should a leader such as Trump, who now lives in the real world, yet still can't tame his Twitter finger.

If you look at the demographics of the election Trump did best in conservatives states whose voters are dead set against the so called liberal Hollywood elite. They see mega rich stars who love to make films about poor people, but who in real life ignore the existence of the conservative half of the country where many of these people live. A major cross party complaint is that Hollywood tries to impose its often hypocritical liberal morality on the population.

The Trump voters see A List actors who may have been poor at one time but now live cosseted affluent lives beyond the wildest dreams of ordinary people. Yet, they presume to lecture massive TV audiences about morality.

These voters knew when they voted for him what they were getting. He couldn't hide his paranoid, vulgar and narcissistic personality. They chose him for what they viewed as a lesser of two evils. Only time will tell if they chose wisely.

But the Democrats have sabotaged themselves by depending on strong public Hollywood support. One reason voters chose Trump was disgust with the liberal agenda that Hillary Clinton represented and strongly supported by Hollywood. It's one thing to protest government wrong doing. But wait until at least Trump assumes the office. Now it just transforms what was originally bad taste into a foul odour.


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