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The Art Of The Craft: Ten Of The Coolest Craft Beer Brands Around

The craft beer industry has grown, at an incredibly fast rate, over the last few years. Not only has it spawned a generation of bearded blokes with beer bellies and microbreweries springing up across the UK everywhere from Brighton to Blackpool but has given birth to some impossibly cool label artwork.

Beers are no longer boring, big branded monsters. The 'Artois' has made way for the 'Artist'. And not just the 'piss' variety.

With party season just around the corner, the chance, opportunity and need to drink more becomes an almost daily requirement. With more parties also comes the get-together's where you are put into socialising with people you spend the majority of the year trying to avoid. (Family, neighbours, the boss, the kids)

Here are ten of the coolest labels to swot up on and write-up witty 'off-the-cuff' remarks about in advance, just in time to give you an awkward conversation 'get out of jail free' card from the office Christmas party bore. (If you can think of any pun's about number 4, then the world is in Dire Straits..)

If you don't know any Christmas party bores, then you are probably that Christmas party bore. In that case, just order in a crate, stay at home, get drunk and save a lot of people, awkward silences and the need to pretend that there is 'family emergency' in order to get away from you.

Here we go..

Attack Of The Ryeclops


Can You Smell What The Bock Is Cookin?

Dark Hopfler

You Dirty, Dirty Boy

The Power Of Greyskull

The Yeastie Boys

Goldie Lookin' Ale

We Are The Hops, We Are The Hops.

One For The Roadie?

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