21/09/2016 13:35 BST | Updated 22/09/2017 06:12 BST

Cycle To Work Every Day

Wednesday 14 September saw yet another successful Cycle To Work Day in the UK. With unprecedented numbers of Brits ditching their cars and season tickets to ride into work.

However, as the weather turns colder, we will see a sharp decline in the numbers of people commuting by bike to just 1% of the population. But it doesn't have to be this way! At ZyroFisher we firmly believe that your bike can be a viable option for everyday travel. As long as you have the right kit to keep you warm and dry, you'll be happy and comfortable knowing you're having a positive effect on your health, bank balance and the environment.

The three golden tips for staying on your bike through the colder months:

Plan, Plan, Plan

Packing your bags, making your lunch, carrying out that niggling bit of bike maintenance and washing your kit - if you leave any of these tasks until the morning of your commute the chances of you backing out and opting for the car or the train increase massively! Make your morning as easy and as stress free as possible by ensuring all you have to do is layer up and grab a bite to eat before picking up your rucksack, hopping on your bike and enjoying the ride to work.


If you want to keep commuting through the colder months, it's all about layering. Ensuring you're wearing the right gear will transform your ride as the temperature drops. A good base layer will wick moisture away from your body, a mid-layer thermal will regulate your body temperature while transporting excess moisture away from your body and an outer layer will shield you from the elements whilst delivering breathability. Dressing in layers will enable you to strip or build layers to maintain the optimal core body temperature, maximising your enjoyment and performance of your commute.

Become Dark Proof

No matter what the weather is doing, one thing is for certain; the days are steadily getting shorter. Being dark proof means you will be seen by fellow road users in low light conditions. For example, Altura's NightVision technology uses reflective materials to provide maximum dark light visibility for the wearer, keeping you safe in the dull early mornings and late evenings. These reflective materials are available on gloves, bags, jackets, and trousers to name but a few of the garments designed to keep you safe and fully reflective throughout the winter months.

Keep commuting this winter and share the experience with us by using #AlturaCommute on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Good luck!