02/10/2013 08:12 BST | Updated 01/12/2013 05:12 GMT

Why We Should Exercise the Face as Much as the Body

I spent many years teaching Yoga and Pilates to help tone, define and relax client's bodies. Then, one day a client said to me 'I wish you could do the same for my face'. The thought then struck me, why do we only train our muscles from the neck down? I then spent many years putting together current research and traditional techniques on facial health, and I designed a Face Yoga programme which has now gained popularity around the world. I believe that we should spend at least 10 minutes a day exercising, massaging and relaxing the face as well as our body. Here's why:

1. The face is made up of muscles

Just as your body needs regular exercise to stay toned and firm, the 57 muscles in the face and neck also need to be exercised. As they become stronger through exercise they are lifted and firmed and the skin attached to the muscles is also lifted and tautened, therefore reducing lines and wrinkles. As the muscles are much smaller than those in the body, it takes a lot less time for them to increase in strength and tone.

2. A healthy face matches a healthy body

By regularly exercising and massaging the face using Face Yoga, you will increase the circulation, lymph flow and remove toxins. This will reduce poor skin tone, puffiness, dark circles and allow the skin to look healthier and more youthful. The massage techniques will also increase the collagen and elastin, the natural plumping agents which will mean a firmer and healthier complexion. You can even train the face whilst doing body exercises. So if you have a body which is in great shape, your face will now match that.

3. Training the face can release stress

Relaxing tension in the face will help to reduce and prevent the deep sets lines and wrinkles caused by stress, squinting or grimacing, giving it a more open, youthful look. Also, exercising the face daily will also do wonders for your overall health and happiness. Taking time to relax and do something for you, knowing you will look and feel better as a result, may mean you also notice yourself feeling calmer and more energised as well as looking younger and healthier. What happens on the inside, radiates on the outside.

4. Our faces are always on show

We spend time exercising our body which has amazing health benefits. However, if some parts of the body aren't as toned as we would like, we can just wear clothes to cover them up. Our faces, however, are always on show and this is a great reason to start adding some face exercises to our exercise programmes.

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