25/04/2013 11:09 BST | Updated 24/06/2013 06:12 BST

Just Another Publicity Stunt?

On Wednesday it was announced that JLS the boy band that became loved by thousands after appearing on the X-Factor five years ago are going to split up after their final tour in December.

But is this just a chance of getting a publicity boost and making people dash out to buy some memorabilia while it is still widely available. Especially after they also announced they are working on a final album called Goodbye: The Greatest Hits.

Will this really be goodbye though from the She Makes Me Wanna singers that have sold over 10 million records and received two BRIT awards in 2010, or will they add to a collection of others that disappear and then come back in a couple of years, to try to reignite the hearts of fans but normally end up failing spectacularly.

According to a message on their official website they will continue to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research UK, which they do through their JLS Foundation.

They have not yet said if any of them will be pursuing their own musical ambitions, but it seems to have been a tough decision for them to make.

The views on twitter were mixed with one fan @katie_jls_123 tweeting "@JLSOfficial omg i cant believe you guys are splitting up i have been sad all day crying this morning y we all luv u so much x".

Others pointed out that they didn't care, including @aimeexamor tweeted "Couldn't give any less of a f*** about JLS splitting up."

The news has certainly turned a few heads, as it has left a gap in the market for other bands such as One Direction to fill, but does it really matter in the much saturated world of the 'popular music' industry?

Whether you do or don't like JLS we have to question are they just doing this for publicity, to make a bit of money on their own, to see who can be the most successful without the rest or just because they wanted to move on with their lives?

What do you think about it all?