12/11/2014 04:37 GMT | Updated 11/01/2015 05:59 GMT

A Letter to My Eleven-Year-Old Self

Dear My Eleven year old self

Over the next couple of months things will become a little harder, your 11th Christmas will not be all cheer.

And you will be full of fear due to your mental illness, you won't understand till early next year that it is mental illness.

Your school year will be hard due to them not understanding.

This year won't be all bad, your favourite football team Arsenal reach the champions league final.

At 12 years old things will be difficult with your OCD and sadly due to you OCD you will stop talking to your Dad due to the thoughts telling you not to.

Not all negative, you will start getting good at Rugby.

You will win an award at school for your hard work.

By the age of 14 years old, you move schools, to a private school not always the best environment but you make a small group of friends and things are ok.

At home things are still hard with your Dad, still not talking to him.

You will also lie a lot to cover up your mental illness and lose friends due to lying.

At 16 years old you join another school, your OCD is better and you start talking to Dad again and the love and care shown by your Mum and Dad helps you attempt to beat other hurdles.

Things are still difficult though as you then get diagnosed with BDD.

From a boy who never understood how someone could decide to take their own life, you attempt it.

Luckily you fail and go on the journey to recovery.

Between the ages of 17 and 18 you get treatment at the Maudsley hospital in London.

Thanks to the amazing, Hardworking NHS staff you recover even more.

You have a summer in France and things are looking up.

You drink a little more then you should to ease the anxiety of change.

Eventually things are on the mend and the change then becomes a better future.

You visit Lana in Paris, older sister looks after you and you have a great time.

At the age of nineteen you start to share your story with the help of Fixers UK, a amazing charity.

The story then goes national and you appear on many television programs and end up going to New York to speak on ABC.

Your Political Carear begins thanks to the amazing opportunity given by a compassionate, Lovely Parliamentary candidate for Berwick.

Then you are now working for Peter Botting another person who didn't care about your past or discriminate against mental illness but wanted to support and enable you to continue in work.

Christmas is coming and you are going home to see Mum and Dad and I know you love them very much.

Christmas and your recovery this year is going great and you can break more barriers.


Almost 20 year old you.