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Royal Ramblings: In Tribute to Kris Travis

In the shadow of the Wrestlemania weekend, the British wrestling world lost one of its brightest stars and most favourite sons. Kris Travis, the 'Shooting Star' passed away after a two year battle with stomach cancer.

Hailing from Sheffield, over more than a decade Travis had built a reputation as one of the most exciting and gifted wrestlers in the UK. A regular with Preston City Wrestling, Revpro and Southside (to name but a few) he held single and tag titles in PCW, IPW, Southside, Revpro, 1PW and many more besides.

It was little surprise that fans voted Travis as the best wrestler in Britain in both Fighting Spirit and Powerslam magazines or that he had been chosen as a competitor in the TNA British Boot Camp 2 TV programme.

A top draw and almost certainly a future WWE NXT star, Travis was on his way to the TNA British Bootcamp 2 finals when his cancer diagnosis forced him to withdraw.

RIP Kris Travis - Always a Shooting StarBy Jeremy BorashToday we lost a great friend and a man who will be remembered...

Posted by Impact Wrestling on Thursday, 31 March 2016

What surely will have struck those reading about his passing is how remarkably brave, inspiring and resilient everyone believed Travis to be. Having been diagnosed with the condition in 2014, the 32-year-old fought back and a year later was once again in the ring, being booked across the country.

Above: "Focus, drive and dedication - Kris Travis inspirational WWE Tough Enough video

For anyone that was lucky enough to see Kris Travis and his long-term 'Project Ego' tag partner Martin Kirby come back to Southside wrestling and pick up the championship or witness his impactful appearance at ICW, you will know just how electric and magical his return was. People were on their feet and in tears, such was the collective love, respect and admiration for Travis.

Despite his tremendous determination to rehabilitate, his comeback was devastatingly short-lived and on doctor's orders he was forced to retire from the ring. He died on 31 March, leaving behind him a tremendous legacy and innumerable fans and supporters.

It is difficult to put into words the impact that Travis had on so many people worldwide. Wrestling talent from across the globe (many of whom he'd previous fought) paid tribute and we leave you with their messages, a fitting tribute video and our best wishes and prayers for Kris's friends and family #RIPKrisTravis