“I can’t concentrate because I read all the news all day," Zack Sabre Jr screamed while rolling on the floor at the Japanese tournament.
Charlene Blugher left behind an arranged marriage to become a wrestler and to live true to herself as a gay woman. The decision turned some of her family against her, but she did it to be true to herself.
The change has been caused by a world-wide movement of angry women who love wrestling and are now coming in to their own
The Netflix show returns for a second series, and meanwhile has helped create a more diverse space within the world of wrestling
Perhaps you’d thought we’d reached the end. With the global Jewish population making up some 0.2 percent of all the people
“It was so cute. The whole place was cracking up when it happened.”
Israel isn’t the only state with Jewish wrestling links though. Let us not forget Canada! Home to veterans of Shine, Shimmer
You mention WWE, are you more ‘cosmetically pleasing’ now then you were when they last made an assessment? M: I ain’t never