14/09/2017 10:29 BST | Updated 14/09/2017 10:29 BST

Royal Ramblings Meets Sü Yüng

Sü Yüng is a force of nature. One of the most creative, inspiring and (it should go without saying) talented wrestlers on the scene, she is rightly gaining fans and attention across the USA and here in Britain. In the UK recently, for a string of independent shows, we had the privilege to speak with the blood bride herself and to discuss her character, her past, future and more. Make sure to read all about it and see the lady herself in action before she is snapped up by a major promotion!

You've been wrestling for some ten years and have transformed from a happy-go-lucky, innocent character to the frankly frightening(!) blood bride. How did it happen? Where did the inspiration come from?

The character itself, I was actually asked to do it by the owner of the Orpheum over in Florida. And he's a really good friend. I call him 'The Brain'. No-one really knows him but he's always been someone that has always supported me throughout my career. When we first met, after I got released from WWE, he came to me and told me he had an idea and he said, 'I don't really trust a lot of people with this, what do you think'. Throughout my career, it's always been a theme that has followed me. It's kind of weird because it ties into my real life. I've always had a bride 'thing'. The first thing I ever did was that I was a 'mail order bride'. A lot of people didn't know I spoke English. From there, it transitioned into me putting on face paint when I was younger to doing different things and it kind of followed me through. It's like a weird fate, like when you're watching a movie and things keep happening. So, I just accepted it, tried it out one day and everyone has kind of taken to it. It's a weird transition in my life but I just accepted it.

You've racked up championships and accolades. Do you get feedback on why people have reacted to Su Yung so positively?

You know when you read tales of things, like in the House of Commons in the British Parliament when you rub the foot of the Churchill statue and it's supposed to bring you good luck and no-one knows why? That's the thing people are always going to want to try and find - the why. There's never going to be an answer to that kind of thing. I think that's one of the cool elements within wrestling. We don't really have much of the mystery and that's pretty much what I try and bring to the people - let people think!

Have there been any strange fan interactions or experiences coming from the dark side...?

Every day! All the time! But I never ever think it's a bad thing because I think I'm weird myself. So, it's just making friends, everywhere I go!


Well, we know about Su Yung in the UK but is this really your first visit to these shores?

This is my first ever time stepping foot in Europe, ever! And it's been amazing. The hospitality from the Auld's [Ben, Sarah, and Harry, promoters] at Southside Wrestling and everybody I've been working for has just been amazing. I really can't say much other than that Europe has been really awesome. Fingers crossed, I'll be coming back.

As someone active on the independent scene, what was your reaction to Randy Orton's 'Dive' tweet?

Everyone has an opinion on everything. People took it very strongly because of who it was that said it but it's awesome because it shows the power of wrestling, the power that someone can have. I think with that said, things can easily be evolved or revolved or however you want to have it, within wrestling. I love how the scene is right now because everyone is so passionate.

Have you seen GLOW yet?

I've been hearing about it but I've been waiting to watch it with my husband. I've been gone so we're going to have a night of pizza, GLOW, and watch it all in full. I try to catch up on wrestling whenever I can. I was super excited for the WWE women's tournament.

You've wrestled for WWE, what are your reflections on that experience?

I feel like everything happens for a reason. Looking back on it, of course, when we looked at each other when we were younger, we were just kicking each other in the butt and it was like [Su Yung adopts a frustrated tone] "come on!". It's all a learning experience and as long as you can grow from something, that's all that matters.

You had another WWE tryout in 2016, are you hoping to go back sometime?

I'm just riding the wave to see wherever it takes me. As far as the tryout, it was awesome. It was an amazing experience. Anyone that steps foot in that area, you always come back with something magical.

You're married to the best of 205 Live [Rich Swann], how do you manage to see one another with such hectic schedules?

It's a case of 'all night long'. We wrestle all the time, it's our passion and love and when we're not wrestling, we're at home watching it or playing wrestling video games. No Mercy all the way up to 2K. Now there are women in wrestling video games, there didn't use to be. That's pretty cool, man.

Do you have a good rib story?

I wrestled for a place called the Supercon and its 'cosplay' wrestling. Everyone is a character. I am Evil-Lyn from He-Man, Masters of the Universe and Skeletor is my tag partner guy that I don't really like. So after the show, we're told the pizza is in a room in the hotel. We're super-hyped because it's free and there were days when we used to be on the road where we couldn't get lunch, so this is exciting. So we knock on the room number where we were told the pizza was and an old lady answered and asked what we wanted. Then the next room and it was a really p****d off dude. Then we see a guy running down the hallway and we're chasing after him. Shane Helms, the Hurricane. He was the one who told us it was in a room. It was in a big conference room! That poor was a good time. Just fun little jokes, that's all.

Make sure you keep track of Sü Yüng's activity through social media and her PWT offerings here. We hope she'll be back in the UK before long!