Royal Ramblings: TNA's UK Tour Poll Won By Fans

They've only gone and done it. As Dixie Carter announced on Impact which airs in the UK on Challenge TV, TNA have booked three of the UK's finest talent for their forthcoming Maximum Impact Tour...

They've only gone and done it. As Dixie Carter announced on Impact which airs in the UK on Challenge TV, TNA have booked three of the UK's finest talent for their forthcoming Maximum Impact Tour. The fan response in support of Jimmy Havoc, Will Ospreay and Damo was so strong that the company opted for the lot! These stars will all join the dates in Manchester (29 January), London (30 January) and Birmingham (31 January) (with tickets here) meaning that the fans are the ultimate winners.

With all the shows filmed for Impact, a Monster's Ball match in Manchester, Lockdown cage matches in London and a King of the Mountain bout set for Birmingham, there was already three good reasons to get a ticket but now there's three more.

Dixie kindly referenced our 'dream booking' article when announcing the result of the tour and with that in mind what follows is our next round of dream scenarios. Who knows, perhaps TNA will look kindly on our suggestions again!

What UK Stars Were Voted Onto the UK Tour? Dixie Carter Gives the Results of the Fan Poll!

Posted by Impact Wrestling on Sunday, 17 January 2016

1.Jimmy Havoc vs Bram vs Abyss in a Monster's Ball

Jimmy Havoc is amazing. Any fan that followed his run and storyline in the UK's Progress promotion - which could easily match any top flight company's creative - will tell you so. His Twitter bio which reveals that he enjoys "tea, cake, movies and the sight of my own blood" gives you a sense of what Havoc is all about. His credibility so far as 'death matches' are concerned is impeccable. He has actually taken on Abyss before, for the UK's Southside promotion. Tacks, tables and more came into play (lets not even mention his Chikara pre-show outing in which kitchen utensils/weapons featured heavily). Havoc and Bram whilst teaming together (as they did recently for RevPro UK) have never been on opposite sides. Put Abyss, Havoc and Bram in a match and it will be magic. Jimmy's up for it, lets hope TNA are too. Manchester fans will want to be getting tickets just in case.....

2.Damo vs Eric Young

There's just something about Damo. He is so agile, to see the big man nail a dropkick is a wonderful thing. Yet, he has all the imposing brutality of a big beast, stepping on men's chests and crushing them without a second thought. Damo's stock has risen steadily over a number of years now and he can be seen in action across Europe and beyond. The intensity of Damo's wrestling would be perfectly matched, in our opinion, with another of the most intense, gifted wrestlers on the TNA roster - namely Eric Young. We know that Young has worked big guys in the past (most recently Abyss at the tail end of last year). To see these two go toe-to-toe would be sheer, glorius wrestling entertainment. Get it booked Dixie!

3.Will Ospreay vs Mandrews vs Tigre Uno vs Trevor Lee vs Andrew Everett

Finally, we'd like to see some X-Division action. We know -and 'dream booked' Mandrews vs Will Ospreay. These guys are two of the best in the world. Lee and Everett were part of the recent invasion angle on TNA and extremely competent high-flyers. Tigre Uno has been bouncing off the ropes and ring posts for TNA for some time now. The stakes need to be raised when Ospreay is in the ring. He's fought TNA alumnus AJ Styles, Ricochet, ACH and many, many more. He's put up against top visiting talent by independent promotions and TNA should certainly put him up against its best for the greatest prize. Just one catch, we'd like to see it in a cage please.....

With so much already announced, this is one you'll want to be getting along to. We've got Kurt Angle saying farewell with matches against Drew Galloway, Bobby Roode and Bobby Lashley. We have a reunited Beer Money on show for the first time in five years and even an appearance from Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins frontman and TNA creative member).

Tickets can be purchased from and

For the shows at Manchester Arena (Friday 29 January), London The SSE Arena Wembley (Saturday 30 January) and Birmingham Barclaycard Arena (31 January). The UK Tour events will run over six episodes on Challenge TV, starting in mid-February.

See you on the tour!


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