The Strange Phenomena of Animal Mutilations

Reports of inexplicably mutilated animal carcasses have been around for years in the UK and around the world.

Reports of inexplicably mutilated animal carcasses have been around for years in the UK and around the world.

Some linked to strange moving lights and extra-terrestrial beings and even silent 'black' helicopters.

So what is the truth behind these stories, and just what are animal mutilations?

The first time in modern history we really hear about these strange animal deaths is 1967 in Colorado. A young colt is found dead and stripped of flesh from the neck upwards. The animals brain, spine and internal chest organs were all removed with incredible precision. The animal had been completely drained of blood with no blood stains around the dead animal and no signs of foul play. When tissue samples from the animal were examined, vets and doctors were shocked to discover that the flesh had a darkened colour. This was as if the flesh had been opened and cauterised or burnt apart by a high heat source, and it was almost as if it had been done by a modern day laser. Another mystery was the absence of any tracks from vehicles, humans or other animals any where near the carcass.

In fact in this case the only tracks or prints found, were the colts own hoofprints, and they ended approx 30 metres from it's body...

This was the start of numerous animal mutilations across Midwestern, Southwestern and Western states of North America. To date cases are now reported all over the world, with reports coming from Canada, Central and South America, Australia and Europe including the UK. The majority of cases have followed the same similar pattern:

■ Most cases involve cattle, although there are now many reports of sheep, goats, horses and deer especially in the UK.

■ No traces of struggle. Even in snow and ice conditions there are no tracks or footprints near the carcass. It sometimes appears as if the animal was 'lifted' off the ground and then later dumped from the air.

■ Internal organs such as eyes, ears, tongues, rectums and genitalia are removed along with strips of flesh from the jaw areas.

■ Oval or circular bloodless incisions often only hide deep are found on the carcasses, many are also completely drained of blood. These incisions are made with surgical precision that no human could perform.

Microscopic tissue analysis has shown that some of the cuts point to the use of a scalpel, while others appear to have been made without a knife, either by somehow cutting between the cells or by 'cooking' the flesh with a laser like heat source. But this being done without leaving carbon traces that are normally left by lasers.

Read more on incidents in the USA here:

In the UK and especially Shropshire and the Mid Wales areas, we see our fair share of animal mutilation cases. From sheep and cattle in the South Shropshire area to deer, foxes and badgers and even domestic pets in the Welsh valleys. A lot go unnoticed and unreported, but it's the small few that we become aware of and we do our best to get to the bottom of them.

So What Are The Possible Causes?

This phenomenon has baffled investigators, vets and pathologists alike. Many farmers and ranchers who have been dealing with this mutilations for years, are convinced that these particular cases could not possibly be the work of predators such as wolves, birds, coyotes and other native to each country.

In some cases the capillary veins had been drained of blood, which would not have occurred had the animals been attacked by predators. What predator could be capable of surgically boring out the genitalia of a cow?

Many investigations over the years failed to establish any natural causes, so other theories have been put forward. From satanic cults, fleets of 'black' helicopters and bulky medical lasers, through to extra-terrestrial beings and UFOs abducting the animals.

If extra-terrestrials are involved in mutilations, and we think they are to some degree, then the question we need to ask is why are they doing it? Many researchers around the world believe that these mutilations are linked to human abductions and are carried out by the same extra-terrestrial species. That is a possibility that we cannot discount and another is the fact that the military or some kind of 'black project group' are also involved. If this is the case then again we need to ask why? Is there some kind of secret research into the food chain at base level connected to the chemicals we as a race put into the chain? Abducting or mutilating animals and testing them in this way by removing organs etc could be the way they want to do this. What about animal hybrid creation cojoined with extra-terrestrial interaction?

UFO Shropshire investigates animal muitlations:

The simple fact is we are no nearer to discovering the truth behind animal mutilations. We know that there is a pattern to them which in most cases would suggest that there is a 'purpose' to all this...

But what is that 'purpose'? What ever it could be it is still a matter of guess work and investigation and research needs to continue into this phenomenon.

It just grows stranger and stranger by the day...


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