07/06/2017 07:28 BST | Updated 07/06/2017 07:28 BST

Why Food Quality Is So Important

I've often spoken about why macros are very important for body composition. Now I'd like to talk about food quality. While it's true that you can hit your calories and macros with junk food, that doesn't mean you should. There are a lot of things we can do that are not necessarily good for us.

Healthy, quality food and ingredients will benefit you far more than simply hitting your macros. Don't get me wrong. It's totally fine to have the occasional treat that comes in on target calories. This won't have any effect if you are following a healthy eating plan and hitting the correct calories.

Freshen Up

You just need to make sure to strike the correct balance and adopt a diet rich in healthy ingredients, fresh fruit and vegetables and lots of water. If you are dedicated to eating healthy and maintaining good nutrition, a bag of crisps and glass of wine every now and then won't do any harm.

Good quality ingredients will also lead to a greater sense of satiety and minimise your chances of bad eating habits such as unhealthy snacking or eating oversized portions.

I would also like to talk about consistency. I touched briefly on the importance of consistency when following a food plan. That's because to be successful at something you have to work at it. Eat healthy for a day and you will see some benefits but eat healthy for a month or a year and the results will amaze you.

This doesn't mean you have to be consistently perfect! You just have to hit your calories with healthy meals and keep good quality food as your priority. I promise that your efforts will pay off.

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