05/12/2011 06:32 GMT | Updated 30/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Abracadabra! ASDA Undies Get Technological *No Magic Tricks Involved*

Abracadabra! No, I have not decided to add being a magician to my list of dubious talents, I actually meant - Abracadabra...yes! That is with emphasis on the brabit.

Okay stop sniggering you boys at the back, the Abracadbra (I will just call it that as 'Abracadabra-bra' sounds like I'm stuttering) is the latest offering in boob-boosting brassieres; yes forget the Wonderbra and - Hello Boys! (And Girls) as this seems to be the way forward and it's brought to you via George at Asda no less!

What's this bloke on about? You might be thinking - is he trying to extol the virtues of budget priced underwear? Is this some kind of new stealth advertising?

Well no, I am fascinated by marketing and advertising and having just read about the Abracadabra - (Yes - I had nothing better to do) - two points in its description which would seem are to advertise its breast enhancing ability, caused me to raise an eyebrow.

First was that the Abracadabra is the UK's first 'aerodynamic' bra; second was that George/Asda collaborated on its design with a former mechanical engineer, Antonio Padula, who is reported as having worked previously in aircraft engineering.

Now at this point I have to mention that George's brand director, Fiona Lambert, was quoted as saying that she expected sales of the bra to "take off" surely the pun wasn't intended.

My point though is that a reference to aerodynamics and that this bra was designed with help from someone with aviation related experience, just sounds more like the marketing blurb for a new model of Saab than a bra. Don't get me wrong, I don't ssume that all that attracts the female of the species to products has to be all cute, pink and fluffy; that's just wrong and I certainly know better - but isn't this tech-speak a bit too dynamic when related to ladies' delicates?

My understanding of the definition of 'aerodynamic/s' is that it is related to the force on a body (not necessarily the Female one of course) by air or a gas in direct relation to movement; so the more 'aerodynamic' something is, the more streamlined it is (takes a bow for delivery of brief -possibly dubious - science lesson)

I just don't see a how a bra can be aerodynamic and even so it's not really a U.S.P - Unique Selling Point - unless that is there are lots of half naked motorcycling ladies out there wanting to cut down on wind resistance around their breasts?

...but who am I to say? After all I only said I was interested in marketing and advertising - I am not an expert on the subjects (Or bras for that matter)

Maybe this is a new era in the marketing of undergarments, perhaps I'm a bit slow on the take-up and it's all moving away from frilly/pretty/sexy and more towards efficient and functional. Seems crazy now but who knows, maybe we will come to see manufacturers of uber-engineered mechanical products start knocking out underwear.

Could one day even car manufacturers like Audi could make ladies under-crackers? (Aston Martin did for Men)

I can just see Audi's tag-line now...'Vorsprung Durch Tech-Knickers'