06/05/2015 11:19 BST | Updated 05/05/2016 06:59 BST

Coming Out

It has taken a lot to get here, the heartbreak and confusion, a crisis in my being. However, I finally feel as if society is at a point to accept me for who I am, that I can look myself in the eye and say: I am who I am...

I am an Ed Miliband fan.

I knew whilst growing up there was something not quite right, I was different. As a north Newbury geek, I found it hard growing up in the shackles of a true-blue Tory-shire. I was unable to accept who I was, my heart torn. Liberal gold attracted me more than Maggie's royal blue. It is clear to me now, I have always been a progressive.

Coming to Sussex University for a Politics degree, I was confronted with a quest, a journey, a safari of the soul - was I a radical, fuelled by anger or a moderate, with a thirst for change? What was my political identity? Who am I? Whilst I haven't beat the drum and waved a red flag, (I may have woken up draped in the Union flag following the Scottish referendum result)...and I haven't lost my head and gone Green in the throngs of student passion politics, I have looked into my heart and for this election at least, it beats to the rhythm of a Miliband majority.

I told my Mum. She saw purple at first, attempting to convince me of the ills of EU migration, the money that could be saved if we pulled the plug and turned our back on the world. I sat her down, explained the intricacies of a sustainable migration policy, the requirements of the labour market. I told her that when a media elite turns working man against working man citing benefits and fraud, they can get away with murder, (well, tax-dodging at least). I explained that Britain is at it's boldest, at it's best, when it rolls up it's sleeves and translates progressive values into public policy. I reminded her of the value of fair-play she had drummed into me from the very beginning, and how grateful I was for this positive outlook... and she knew in her heart - it was me, the son she had always loved and nothing, no man, no woman, no Daily Mail article would ever change that.

So in this election, I am choosing a man based on the values and the vision. I am Miliband, because I believe and have always believed, that those who have so much to give - the great thinkers, the good doers, the engineers of prosperity - like myself, like my Dad - those who can't eat a sandwich for shit, with no grace, only conviction, deserve an equal chance in life and deserve a chance to change the country.

That's why I'm coming out the closet.

Je suis Miliband and, for this election at least, I'm voting Labour.