11/04/2017 07:30 BST | Updated 11/04/2017 12:25 BST

10 Minutes Or 11 Minutes? It's Very Important

The Manchester Evening News ran an update on my journey this week. It amazes me how comfy I have become being interviewed, hopefully finding the right thing to say so I don't sound like a jibbering wreck and that people might find my story engaging and that it hits a chord with them. I always ask to be told when articles, blogs and the like are to be featured so I can have a cheeky (proud) read. I did an interview with Great Run in advance of the Great Manchester Run and only discovered it had gone live when my phone continually buzzed and I had 40+ Facebook notifications. At some point I would like some photos to be seen that are not of me sweaty and in active wear (being interviewed for the internet in my active wear) but then I guess that wouldn't be real.

Anyway I digress, the article said I have knocked 10 minutes off my parkrun time since I started out last August. Well that is no longer true. As of Saturday I have knocked an official 11 minutes off my time. It's not fast and it's still not pretty but I really enjoy it. The weather was glorious, the park looked beautiful and I was surrounded by friends. It was a lovely lady's 50th parkrun so there was cake - this woman certainly runs for cake. And then I got my best time ever (and I had a little cry at the end because I tried really really hard). What's not to love at 9am on a Saturday morning? Maybe it was the inspiration I got from watching the Manchester Marathon that spurred me on.

There was a lady who came to our parkrun this week who hadn't really run before and this was her first parkrun. I loved being able to share how much I loved parkrun and how she would feel when she crossed the finish line. Looking at her face I'm not sure she quite believed me, but it felt great being able to chat to someone else and share my story. I waited to see her finish (I'd finished crying by that point and composed myself) and even ran her home, something that people have done for me before and I felt honoured to pass this favour on to someone else.

This week I need to go shopping, despite weight loss not being my main goal, it has been a natural by-product of this journey. My lovely teenage daughter has used words such as:

• Dull

• Yuk

• Boring

and my favourite

• Gross

To describe my current dress style. I'm still wearing the clothes that are now too big and I am stuck not knowing what to wear anymore. Cue us booking a shopping trip. Hhhhmmmmm - look forward to the clothes that a 15 year old size six girl who favours jeans with holes in the knees and belly flashing tops think are appropriate attire for her 40+ yr old mum. Plus as any parent of a teenager will know they have minimal respectful communication skills - this won't end well.

Tomorrow I am doing another practise 10km so I don't totally embarrass myself at the Great Manchester Run. Which means I will be complaining non-stop all through Wednesday!

Thanks for reading

Dawn Nisbet