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Britain's Got Talent 2013 Semi Final Show Four

Still recovering from a phenomenal third semi-final (Luminites anyone) here we go with another blockbuster.

The ClubTown Freaks sounded amazing and it was great to see Kimberley Southwick (from X Factor 2007), but as entertaining as it was, they are not going to win.

Alex Keirl gave us one of this series best auditions, he also gave us one of the best semi-final performances. Great voice, likeable lad.

Aside from Diversity and cheeky kids Pre-Skool, I am not a fan of dance troupes. Can The Shockarellas make it a hat trick? Well, sort of, they are certainly dedicated and passionate but it didn't wow me. Sorry girls.

I really wanted to like Poppin Ron but, I have seen this before and done much, much better.

I am not easily fooled Mr James More but that was amazing, I am completely bamboozled. I have friends in Las Vegas and I will be telling them to book you ASAP...I only charge 15%

Britain's Got Talent is all about variety and giving acts a chance, who would not normally get the airtime. On the west end Chasing The Dream might look great, on TV on a Friday night, it just didn't work.

The next semi finalist had so much pressure on her shoulders. Boy did Francine Lewis deliver tonight. Every single impression was bang on. The best I have ever seen. Give this woman her own show.

Asanda Jezile, a young girl with a big voice and a big future. When someone is this good, age is irrelevant.

Last up were dancers AJ & Chloe, who would not look out of place on Strictly (sorry to mention that show Simon) great end to another brilliant semi final.

Right, now we wait for the results...

The winner of the public vote was Francine Lewis.

Asanda Jezile and Alex Keirl faced the judges vote, with Asanda coming out on top.

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