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Britain's Got Talent 2013 Semi Final Show One

It's the first live semi-final, and what we call the 'business end' of the competition, so no more nicey nicey from Simon, Alesha, David, Amanda..or me. Although saying that, top marks for the opening montage.

So, who has the unenviable job of opening the show and potentially with the chance of performing in front of the Queen?

People of Great Britain meet Martin Healy...people of Great Britain now say goodbye. Next. Please.

Hopefully back to some sanity with Band of Voices. The five piece harmony group nailed it, this is what it is all about. Could listen to them all night. Good job.

Essex dance troupe, Youth Creation were totes amazeballs and OMG the choreography was brilliant. Any idea where they are from again? Well done, the milky bars are on me.

J Unity had a lot to live up to after that. It was vocally, very good, great stage presence. I really hope this helps them get where they want to be and yes, in case you didn't know or are deaf, they are twins.

Next up were a pair of Bosom Buddies. Yes they have had their knockers but they support each other as good friends should. Sadly, no amount of flowers can brighten my mood. Nowhere near as good as their audition.

Impressionist Philip Green left me perplexed, I like his energy but I never laughed once. I agree with Amanda, his personality shines through more than his act.

Arisxandra blew the roof off with a strong vocal performance, my act of the night so far by a long way. Potential in abundance, whatever the result.

Scary man Aaron Crow has the aura of a world famous star and his act is spellbinding. I couldn't take my eyes of him. Brilliant.

Brothers Richard and Adam finished off the first live show in great style, Mrs M was very impressed. Which is high praise indeed. Should easily make the Final.

Now we wait for the result...

The winners of the public vote were Richard and Adam.

The two to face the judges vote were Arisxandra and Youth Creation

The judges could not decide, so it went to the public vote and Arisxandra got through.