Britain's Got Talent 2013 Show Four Review

Britain's Got Talent 2013 Show Four Review

After three weeks of what can only be described as sensational auditions, the pressure is really on. Will we see a potential winner tonight? I certainly have a very good feeling.

I wholeheartedly agree with Simon when he said, "We are a talented country, and we have ambition", whose up first?

Mark and Stuart, aka Bosom Buddies. OK, here we go. Talk about don't judge a book. These guys, or gals, were amazing. Excellent vocals, a great partnership.

El Lurchio and Club Town Freaks followed, giving them each their fifteen minutes (well two minutes) of fame in the limelight. And then, fitness guru DJ Sexy Scott came along and put a big beaming smile on my face. Exercise and smiling, not something you usually hear together. Well not from me anyway.

James Clifton, Walentina Limon, Michaela and Shannon showed the dance world just how NOT to do it. Diversity you can sleep easy tonight....but hold on, here come Martin and Marielle

Not something I am an expert on but even a lament in the dance world could see these two are good. Very good.

Five piece girl dance troupe the Shockarellas were real cool kids, and boy could they dance. Twin brothers J- Unity followed them and really 'expressed' themselves as did DJ drummer MckNasty. They all sailed through. Just as Simon and I said, we are a talented county....

The next act was a load of balls. No ed, I meant Thomas Bounce was a juggler. Phew, I nearly lost my job then. Anyway, back to Thomas.

I liked Thomas and he is clearly passionate about his skill and performance. Yes, it did get a bit boring, but you can't help but like him. Glad he got through. My cat is called Thomas so I am biased.

To have a chance on this show, you have to impress the best. And yes, by this I do mean the wonderful, fantastic and brilliant Simon Cowell, sadly the first three singers were pants with a capital P. No impressing there then.

I hope Alex Keirl can change the mood.

Without exaggerating, I can quite honestly say in all my years reviewing BGT and the X Factor, Alex has one of the best voices I have ever heard. A spine tingling performance. A contender, a serious contender.

Well done everyone this week. Right, I'm off to juggle with my balls....


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