21/04/2014 10:19 BST | Updated 19/06/2014 06:59 BST

Britain's Got Talent 2014 Audition Show Two

Britain's Got Talent. What a first show, what amazing ratings and what the blazes is going to happen next? 

Plaudits from last week, must go to Collabro, Paddy and Nico and Light Balance.

During the BGT auditions, Team Midas will pick three acts, the acts we believe will get to the final. Last week the fantastic Lucy Kay took one of those places. Will anyone join her tonight...let's find out.

After so much talent in week one, Lady Enchantress (real name Jane) has a lot to live up too. She starts by playing her recorder. Love the passion. Don't like the act. 


Paul and Marissa aka Operado get their digeridoo out (leave it) as they combine opera and, well, the didgeridoo. What can I say, apart from next. 


Everyone meet Caroline and Charles 48, aka Saws Crossed. I really never SAW this coming. To be honest though, I definitely heard them. That reminds me, where is their favourite holiday destination...the Saw-hara desert. Sorry. Quickly moving on.

We need someone good....please. 


Can Lettice Rowbotham and her electric violin save the day? Well she is certainly bubbly and fun. I really like her and boy can she play that violin. Its five yesses. Well done Lettice. Great stuff. I can't wait to see/hear her again.


Like Mr Cowell, I'm not a big fan of magicians and Chris Nicholson, Jay Adkins and Alex Lodge really have not helped. Can Darcy Oake get us back onside?

Darcy Oake is amazing, absolutely amazing. I have never seen anything like it. He completely blew my mind. How is he doing it? I agree with Simon and David. He is the best magician BGT have ever had on the show.


Anyone who knows me will tell you, I love all things Essex, so young singer and guitarist James Smith already has a foot in the door. Being totally unbiased, I loved his unique version of 'Feeling Good' by Nina Simone. Boy, can this lad sing. Great range and tone. 10/10 from Team Midas. 

Dancers The Mad Bunch and young ballet dancers Twinklettes aka Jessica 8, Chloe 8 and Molly from Liverpool got my feet tapping and I nearly broke in to my Rick Astley dancing. I said nearly. 

Knife thrower Edward Pinder is just 11 years old and after throwing four knives at his mum. Simon decided he wanted to face Edward. The first knife went nowhere near 'my Simon' but the second, oh wowzers, it nearly hit his left shoulder. At this point Simon decided, that was enough. Still, it was enough to get Edward through to the next round. 

After we got our coats on to go outside, we settled down to watch  Bolddog FMX Team. Six riders all from the UK. They jumped, did tricks and generally put their lives on the line. In the words of Mr Walsh 'I liked it' 

Where are the strange acts this year...oh hold on. Here we go

We started with Azmat, who was well, not very good. Brid Og Le Spun-Og and her spoons followed and was well, not very good. Steve Reynolds and his 'shadows' style guitar playing, was well, not very good....there is a pattern following here. 

Last up was Christian Spridon, a singer who took on Tom Jones' 'Sex Bomb'  I must admit, it did put a big smile on my face, but not for the right reasons. Simon, Alesha and Amanda buzzed but David loves him so much, that in a huge shock to everyone, he decides to use his Golden Buzzer and Christian is straight in to the live shows. 

Ladies and gentlemen BGT's has its very own Jedward/Wagner. Oh deary me.

Right, I'm off to practice my knife throwing at Simon, see you next week