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Britain's Got Talent 2014 Audition Show Six

The live BGT shows are now so close you can almost touch them. But, before all that, we have two more audition shows to enjoy and to find that elusive last Team Midas act to join Lucy Kay and Bars & Melody.

The live BGT shows are now so close you can almost touch them. But, before all that, we have two more audition shows to enjoy and to find that elusive last Team Midas act to join Lucy Kay and Bars & Melody.

Goodness knows what will happen tonight, strap yourselves in, here we go. Finally (thanks to the football)

Opening the show tonight was Mary Sumah- Keh. Following an intensive training course and a pass certificate to prove it, Mary is the next best comedian. Well, I think her teacher needs to be sacked because there were no laughs in the house. Midwife Tessa Dean briefly followed with her one woman band act , think cymbols and mouth organs and you can visualise exactly what she was like. And just as we thought it couldn't get any worse Johnny Smith came on with his accent act, offending just about every region in the county. Seriously I'm not joking. Dear oh dear.

Come on Ricky K and your red suit, please, please entertain us. Entertain us? He was amazing, so unique and very funny with his acting parody. I absolutely loved it. I really can't wait to see him again. Now that's how to pass an audition. Finally some talent tonight. Great hair too, must have modelled himself on Midas?

La Voix & The London Gay Big Band were supported by five Saxophones, four Trombones, four Trumpets, Keyboard, Bass, Guitar and drums, all they were missing was a triangle. Their version of New York, New York was very Las Vegas and I love Las Vegas. Well done.

With his own original song called 'The Prawn' Joe Poulton managed to win the crowd over, personally I thought he 'cod' do 'batter'. Regardless of what I thought, the judges thought he was 'reely' good and he goes through. Drag act Tom did enough to proceed and can now look forward to seeing if he also makes the live shows.

Right, lets be honest, singer/songwriter Ed Drewett is a friend. He is also from Essex, so he already has two huge feet in the door. Ed co-wrote songs for One Direction (yes, I'm still living off that prediction Nicksy) and The Wanted, but really wants to make it as a singer in his own right. He sang his original song called 'Blink' and it was blooming brilliant. That is a top 10 record. Great job mate, really pleased for you, although someone must be cutting onions...Ed say hi to Lucy Kay and Bars and Melody and welcome to Team Midas.

I was just thinking we have never ever seen a Doggy Disco on BGT. Oh, hold on, we have now and no surprise with the track they performed to. Yes, you guessed it 'Who Let The Dogs Out'.

Great Scott was next and well, next.

Will postman delivery manager Eddie Variety deliver the goods and be first class? Answer is no. Eddie performs with the world's smallest disco wearing a toilet, yes a toilet and it was definetly more number two than one.

Kony Puppets improved this segment with his innovinitive life size puppeteer Beyonce dance routine. It wasn't jaw opening but it was better than a dancing toilet.

Fitness instructor Emma Haslam was technically really good, A great role model and fantastic at what she does. Awesome job.

Dance troupes are not my thing but I loved Jay, Jo, Sky, Cara and Holly aka Mini Moves. Phenonmenal look, great choreography.

We didn't see that much from Henrietta Adewole but I was impressed with what I heard.

Ladies and gentlemen please meet Rebecca, Jess, Summer, Taylor and Georgia aka SweetChix from...Essex. Yes, lovely Essex. That aside, let's see how they do. Well they have bubbly and memorable personalities. Amazing harmonies and something rare, likeability. Yes, these girls have a big future ahead of them. Very big Indeed. They have given me a problem though, I only have three spaces on Team Midas and they are all filled....Simon, oh Simon.

John James Glass and Richard Bayton really want to appear in the west end. It was more fun than talent, but hey we were all smiling so fair play.

Last up and also dreaming of the west end was Jodi. My Simon annoyed the crowd by briefly stopping her. Amanda, Alesha and David were also not happy and once Jodi got back up and running, there was no stopping her. Any west end scouts watching this, should be drawing up a contract to sign her. A fantastic end to another brilliant show.

Next week it's the last round of the auditions and live show decision time.

Right, I'm off to start work on my catty disco, see you next week.