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Britain's Got Talent 2014 Audition Show Three

So far the talent on this seasons BGT has been amazing and hilarious, well apart from Christian Spridon. As week three arrives let the auditions continue.

So far the talent on this seasons BGT has been amazing and hilarious, well apart from Christian Spridon. As week three arrives let the auditions continue.

Team Midas has filled only one of our three places, with the phenomenal Lucy Kay filling the spot. Will anyone join us?

Well it won't be Oliver Moroney who literally dances with a broom in a football kit. (I'm not making this up). Simon just brushes him aside.

Can Mick and his assistant 'Big Chief' aka Rock and Street Stars give us our first yes of the night? Well no. Blimey, we might need to change the name of the show after the first few acts.

It doesn't get any better with John Power, who transforms himself in to 'Anger Man'. Dear oh dear oh dear. We need some inspiration.

Impersonator & electrician Gary James had no spark and it was another round of no's. Five in fact. That reminds me, what is an electrician's favorite ice cream flavour.....Shock-o-lot. Sorry.

15 piece, all girl Irish dancers Innova finally put the T into talent with a refreshing routine that has finally put a smile on my face. Expertly choreographed and amazing to watch. Brilliant.

Singers Kath Morris and Micky Dumoulin (separately) kicked off part two.

No doubting Kath has a great voice but I know singers that are much better. The judges agreed and Kath goes home.

Mickey was backstage watching this all unfold. Will it affect him? The answer was simple. No. Mickey has a beautiful voice and it was note perfect, get this guy in the west end because that's where he deserves to be. I'm very, very impressed.

I have to admit I am not a big fan of dance troupes and to add to Cartel's problem, 'my Simon' is in a bad mood. Being honest, it was good but nothing new. We have seen this all before. They did manage to get through though and I do wish them well.

If comedy songs about your favourite foods, is your thing, then you would have loved Eiriam Jones. I don't and didn't.

Best name of the night goes to Wookey Hole Turbo Jets, a team of circus performers. We didn't see that much of them, so it was hard to judge, but with such a brilliant name, it's a yes from me.

Former Pop Idol contestant Andrew Derbyshire belted out his version of Jocelyn Brown's 'Somebody else's guy'. Andrew gave it everything and more. It wasn't enough to join Team Midas, but it was still very good and the four coaches, (eventually) gave him a standing ovation.

Shakespeare Remix aka Cordell, Samantha and Shante act out, well Shakespeare and being brutally honest, they seemed lovely but the act was a load of Hamlet's.

I didn't think I would like Latin dancers Kings & Queens but it was energetic and bouncy and know that months of hard work had gone in to it. I loved it, can't wait to see them again.

So as we head into the last audition of the night, Dec advises us that Simon's girlfriend has gone in to labour, so he will miss 14 year old Bailey McConnell.

Bailey sings a self penned song called 'Dying Hole' a song he wrote about a friend turning against him. From the moment he started singing, he had the audience in the palm of his hand. Great, quirky but memorable voice. This lad is one to watch, not just on BGT but for the future.

Right, I'm off to dance with my broom, see you next week