30/05/2014 12:11 BST | Updated 29/07/2014 06:59 BST

Britain's Got Talent 2014 Semi Final Four

Fresh from last night's Team Midas success with Lucy Kay, we are back and ready for action in the shape of our Midas (Golden) buzzer act Bars & Melody. Is it greedy to want two acts in the final?

Tonight two more acts will join the six who have already got their hotels booked for the final on June 7th. 

Over to Amanda, David, Alesha, my Simon and of course Ant & Dec.

What an awesome start to the show the Innova Irish Dance Company gave us. I didn't want it to finish, I could have watched it all night. Great stuff girls. They could cause a shock tonight. 

Kieran and Sarah were so likeable at their first audition. I really want them to be good tonight. Hold on Sarah, where is Kieran? Oh that's him. Phew, I thought some imposter had sneaked on. Aside from Kieran's missing beard it was showy and vocally very good and they gave it everything. Good luck

Fire, fire. It's ok, sorry, its just the next act Pyroterra. Their VT promised much and they totally delivered. It was visually spectacular and very, very dangerous. Kids do not try this at home.

Ant & Dec's golden buzzer comedian Toju followed and I'm no comedian but I didn't find this routine very funny. I think I laughed twice during the whole thing. I know he can do better as his first audition was brilliant. 

Let's hope Eva Inglesias can do herself proud. Well there is no need to worry, Eva took the roof off with that last note. This is why I love BGT, it gives people of all ages the chance to showcase themselves not only to the UK but across the world. I hope the public vote for her (after BAM of course).

Get ready pop pickers it's DJ Allan Turner-Ward back with another one of his own cheesy summer pop tracks. I love novelty music, (cough, The Retrobot) and you all know that if that was played in a bar and you had drunk a few shandies you too would be up dancing to it. 

Light Balance blew me away at their first audition and they blew me away tonight. You just know their act takes a lot of time, commitment and hard work. I can already see them filling big arena's around the UK. Amazing stuff.

Here we go, It's time for the Simon Cowell & Team Midas' Golden buzzer act Bars & Melody. Well, that was beautiful, great rapping and faultless singing. Two world class lads in a young, hungry and likeable package. The lyrics were also very emotional and the feedback has been overwhelming. We have definitely just seen the next 'big thing'

Last up was Lettice Rowbotham and her violin. I'm a fan of this type of music and I found this very enjoyable. Lettice is also very likeable and the kind of person you want with you on a night out. 

Right, now it's over to you. Next it's the results. 

The winners of the public vote are Bars & Melody (get in)

The two facing the judges vote are Innova Irish Dance Company & Lettice Rowbotham.

The judges could not decide, so it went to the public vote with Lettice coming out on top. 

Right, I have a night off to celebrate a Team Midas BGT final double. See you on Saturday.