27/05/2014 09:40 BST | Updated 26/07/2014 06:59 BST

Britain's Got Talent 2014 Semi Final One

The semi-finals have arrived and with barely time to reflect on their huge achievement, 9 of the remaining 45 acts perform for us once again their talent, and then face the public vote. From tonight's show just two acts will go on to make the live final in June. 

So with the pressure at its highest, just who will deliver? People of Great Britain, it's time to face the music....Yes, I know it's the wrong show.

First up tonight (after the grand entrance for our faithfull judges) is yee-haaa tastic Countryvive. Look, as my regular readers know I'm no dance troupe fan, but I loved their first audition and loved them tonight. Energetic and fun. One question Countryvive can I come along for a lesson? 

Essex lad Micky Dumoulin gave it absolutely everything and more. I hope this positive exposure gets this lovely lad to where he wants to be. Good luck Micky. 

What's next team? ...a dance duo Dean....oh blimey.

In complete fairness Lauren and Terrell are very, very good. Great choreography and good chemistry. At just 12 years old, I think they are superb. Perhaps not winners on the show, but winners for themselves in their future.

I love Patsy May but tonight I wanted more comedy than singing. Would I pay to watch her sing. No. Would I pay to see her do comedy? Yes. I'm still a fan though Patsy.

Henrietta Adewole took on a big track tonight (Stay by Shakespeare's  Sister) and I won't doubt Henrietta has a good strong voice, but the song choice was not good. Plus I've heard it sung much better, haven't I Boo?

Comedy impressionist Jon Clegg was amazing, bang on impressions, great routine and staging. Blooming awesome. My act of the night so far. 10/10 from the Midas. 

The mind blowing magician Darcy Oake, once again blew me away. If I owned a hotel in Las Vegas I would make this guy an offer he couldn't refuse. Now. World class. Now Mrs M, please stop shouting for him to get his kit off. 

Here we go the moment I've been dreading. Golden buzzer act Christian Spridon. Where is my buzzer. This is blooming awful, I mean bad. One of the worst vocals I have ever heard in all my time doing this.

Last up is 5 piece operatic boy band Collabro. Wow, I genuinely had goosebumps listening to them. It was note perfect from start to finish. These guys are going to go very close to winning this. Brilliant.

Right, it's over to you at home. 

The winner of the public vote was Collabro. 

The two to face the judges vote were Jon Clegg and Darcy Oake. 

The judges couldn't decide, so it went to the public vote with Darcy winning. 

Great first semi final, see you tomorrow night.