09/06/2014 11:30 BST | Updated 07/08/2014 06:59 BST

Britain's Got Talent 2014 the Final

It only seems like yesterday that the Auditions for BGT 2014 aired on our TV's once again. With a welcome addition of auditions taking place in Belfast for the first time, the talent this year promised to be better than ever. 

It only seems like yesterday that the Auditions for BGT 2014 aired on our TV's once again. With a welcome addition of auditions taking place in Belfast for the first time, the talent this year promised to be better than ever. 

The golden buzzer was also new this year, adding to the excitement. As time proved, there will be some crazy, crazy decisions. 

There have been many highs and a few lows, (ahem Christian) but as ever we are set to enjoy a very strong final. Proving once again that Britain does really still have talent. My Team Midas picks for 2014 will of course do well, (they are my picks after all). Good luck to Lucy Kay and Bars and Melody. Win or lose you have done us proud.

Ladies and gentlemen, lets sit back and enjoy the grand final of Britain's Got Talent 2014. 

Who has the inevieble task of going first? Well after Simon, Amanda, David and's my favourite dance group, The Addict Initiative.

I love all things spooky and being with this lot would be like waking up on Halloween every day. I love them, absolutely love them. If they did an arena tour I would be the first in line for a ticket. Awesome start. Well done each and every one of you. 

Wildcard comedy impressionist Jon Clegg took his second chance with both hands, it was funny and clever and for once with an impressionist. I knew who they all were. I hope this opens loads of doors for you Jon.

Personality of the series must go to Lettice Rowbotham. She played that violin like her life depended on it. She really couldn't have done anymore....and boy can she sing. 

Dancing men in heels aka Yanis, Arnaud and Mehdi were next. To date, I think they have been very good but tonight was, well a bit dull. Where were the red high heels? At least a bit of colour may have added some interest! Nowhere near their best. I agree with Simon.

Team Midas entered the arena in the shape of Bars and Melody aka young friends Charlie and Leondre. They sang their own emotional song about bullying called 'Hopeful'. That song is a number one hit waiting to happen, not just in the UK but around the world. Well done lads. Amazing performance. 

15 year schoolboy James Smith, yes just 15, blew everyone away (again) with his effortless vocal and confident guitar playing. Mrs M loves him. I can give you no greater stamp of approval than that James. 

The performance from crooners Jack Pack will no doubt have just gained them themselves a record deal and own tour. Their is a huge gap in the market for them and they can all sing, very well. They could be tonight's dark horse. 

If I had to give £10 to someone, every time I said "how is Darcy Oake doing that" I would be skint. Well tonight. Guess what I said? Tonight Darcy had Sixty seconds to get out of a straight jacket before a bear trap crushed him. I watched it through my fingers. The tension was unbearable. What an astonishing act. 

Injury nearly crushed their dream but Paddy and Nico tonight came out and looked like they were having fun. Hey, they won't win but what a huge inspiration Paddy is. She has my utmost respect. 

The big threat to Team Midas are Collabro, the five piece classical boy band. If we have to lose to them, then we will give these lads a huge pat on the back from us. They have been fantastic on every single performance and they are another act set for a huge 2014 and beyond. Like their first audition this was brilliant. 10/10.

Last up is Team Midas' Lucy Kay who took on the classic Nessun Dorma. I already knew Lucy was world class but this has put the final stamp on it. Wow, opera singing at it's very best. The crowd loved it and I do honestly think with that vocal, Lucy has put herself in with a big chance of winning. So proud to have her on Team Midas. Total goosebumps.

That is it, it is now over to the British public. 

After the phenomenal performances by Little Mix, Diversity and Cheryl Cole it's time for the result.

In third place with 14.3% is Team Midas' Bars and Melody.

The final two are Collabro and Team Midas' Lucy Kay.

The winner of BGT 2014 is....Collabro. Well done lads, worthy winners with 26.5%. 

Team Midas' Lucy finished in 2nd place with 17%. Well done Lucy, it's now the start of a life changing journey. It's been an honour to support you.

Right, that is it for another year, I'm now going to concentrate on my agency, whilst preparing for X Factor 2014. The pressure is now on for us to deliver another finalist (or two). 

Thanks for taking time to read my reviews, it's much appreciated. Have a lovely summer, I'll see you all again in August.