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Britain's Got Talent 2015 Audition Show Four

With viewing figures going through the roof, this season of BGT is without doubt getting everyone talking and I am loving every minute of it.

During the BGT Auditions, Team Midas will pick four acts, the acts we believe will get to the Final. Three of them can be at any time throughout the show and one will be via the Golden Buzzer, (or Midas buzzer). Marc Metral and Calum Scott have already taken two of the slots, so just two remain.

Up first is Aaron, "I'm wearing jeans' Marshall. 'Let It Go' has been done to death but not like this, what is going on, please make it stop. I am 100% with Amanda. No. I can't believe they put him through. They should have definitely, Let him.....GO.

Georgie, Katie, Rosie and Enola, aka four piece girl group Misstasia are in love with all things Disney. So too are the Midas family. In fact, I love Disney more than more daughter. I hope they are good. It's cheesy, very theatrical and I absolutely love it. Well done girls. 5 yeses.

Looking very smart, Peter Lambert took his chances with judges with his circus skill performance. Once he got on to his unicycle, it was actually quite good. He then got us all in a spin with his plates and juggling. Good job Peter. 5 yeses.

Jonathan Lutwyche was mesmerizing, what a likable young lad. His dancing was a joy to watch, not usually my kind of thing but it was so amazing. What a skill and what an act. 5 yeses.

Father and wife, I mean daughter Alan and Amanda, aka Blast, were a load of bongos. Next.

Tricia and Laura aka The Lee Dells were, well um, not very good. Next. Please.

Laurie and his three sons James, Dan and Phil, aka The Neales, were a breath of fresh air. It was retro but ultra cool. It made me feel so emotional. I would do anything for my family and Laurie, you should be one proud dad. That was an amazing audition. You nailed it and you put a huge smile on my face.

Tom Johnson was meant to be dancing but I could do better after 10 pints. Seriously pants. Then singing, (very badly) for the Queen was George Vernon. I am so sorry your majesty. Hoping to make the next round was part time hair stylist Anna Romanenkova but I am afraid she didn't make the cut.

Patrick, Fred, Phil, David and Bret, aka Old Men Grooving or OMG, had us all shaking our heads, we didn't have a clue, what they were going to do? The 'false' start got us all rolling our eyes, but once their real act kicked in it was fantastic. Fun, energetic and entertaining. I really hope they make the live shows, as I can't wait to see what they do next. 5 yeses.

Last up tonight is 12 year old schoolgirl Maia Gough, who came across really well during her VT. She timidly walked into the packed auditorium and we waited. Then she started singing. Holy moly, this is amazing. This girl is just 12 years old. Vocal perfection and a masterclass on how to nail an audition. Bam, welcome to Team Midas Maia. A small girl with a huge future. 5 yeses and a standing ovation.

Right, I'm off to sing Disney songs with my daughter...see you next week.