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Britain's Got Talent 2015 Audition Show Five

Super Saturday is here again. After dreaming that I could complete the Ninja Warrior course in under 20 minutes, it is time for the best show of the year, no, not the Enfield Poltergeist, Britain's Got Talent, silly. Week five here we come.

During the BGT Auditions, Team Midas will pick four acts, the acts we believe will get to the Final. Three of them can be at any time throughout the show and one will be via the Golden Buzzer, (or Midas buzzer). Calum Scott and Maia Gough have already taken two of the slots, so just two remain.

Up first is Aaron Carty, ex-policeman from London. Who'd have thought he would turn into.......Beyonce. A bit too much like stars in their eyes for me, but it was amusing and he had a great routine with his dancers. Aaron sailed in to the next round. 4 yeses.

What we are really missing, is a man and a dog trying to break the world record for popping balloons. So whose up next? Well, its Mitch and his Jack Rusell Cally. Hey, who'd have guessed? They are attempting to break a world record for, 'most balloons popped in one minute' Sadly, they were just five seconds out but lived to fight another day with 5 yeses.

Daniel Crute, aka strongman Leopold Aleksander crushed a grape, I mean a frying pan and lifted Amanda in the air. Nothing more, nothing less. 5 yeses.

Vladimer Georgievsky was absolutely amazing. His comedy trampoline and gymnastics routine was a breath of fresh air. From the minute it started until the minute it finished, I couldn't take my eyes off it. Hugely entertaining. Can't wait to see what he does next. 5 yeses.

Having travelled on a plane for the first time was the least of Dylan Byrd's problems, as it seemed Alesha was in a bit of a bad mood that day. Simon, David and Amanda put Dylan through but Alesha buzzed him.

Train driver Arun, and Stage comedy hypnotist Joanna Cameron also failed to impress Alesha. Next.

Entity Allstars are a young 20 piece dance troupe from Essex. Their unity and commitment to each other shone through the TV. Once they got dancing, my eyes lit up. I love them, please let me join the troupe. The choreography was executed in style, in fact in world class style. One of the best dance troupes since, well you know who. 10/10 and bam welcome to Team Midas, not only that, but Alesha pressed her Golden buzzer, meaning they are straight into the live shows. Well done Entity Allstars.

After Ant & Dec translated for Geordie Simon, DJ John from my neck of the woods in Newcastle, entered the stage. He then performed a dance routine to a medley of mixed dance tracks. I liked him, yes, it wasn't much of an act but he was fun and put a huge smile on my face. Well done John. 4 yeses.

Singing a song about dust mites, (I'm not making this up) Polly Rowley-Sams didn't last long. What a load of bed bugs. Next.

Singer/songwriter Ella Shaw performed her original song 'Summertime' and holy moly she was amazing. One of the best young vocals I have heard for a very long time. Now, this is British talent at it's very best. Well done Ella. 5 yeses.

She may be currently working as a magician's assistant in Vegas but Chloe Crawford wanted to show us what she could do on her own. Her motorcycle illusionist trick was memorising and I'm still perplexed how she did it. 5 yeses.

Tom, Stefan, Lorand and Bogdan aka OK Worldwide, danced, span and jumped their way around the stage. Another act that was a joy to watch. Great stuff lads. 5 yeses.

Nine piece dance group U.D.I are here from Siberia to win the show and raise money for an orphanage. The staging and performance was emotional and completely mind blowing. It was blooming brilliant and Mrs M has already picked them as her winners. After seeing that, I have to agree. They are serious contenders. At times it did remind me of 2013 winners Attraction but that's a huge compliment.

Mark Ponting & Oliver Reynolds tried in vain to impress the judges but went home.

The last act tonight is 49 year old, Alison Jiear. I loved her passion, her honesty and best of all her world class singing voice. She blew me away with her perfect vocal performance. Alison, you absolutely smashed it. 5 yeses.

Right, I'm off to pop balloons with Cally...see you next week.