12/05/2014 08:59 BST | Updated 10/07/2014 06:59 BST

Britain's Got Talent 2014 Audition Show Five

As we hit week five, the question I keep being asked, apart from have I met Simon Cowell, is when will I press my golden (Midas) buzzer? Well, time will tell. I am looking for that special someone. Wouldn't it be funny if we ever had someone audition on BGT called Simon Cowell?

So whose up first this week?  Simon Cowell? Eh, is this a joke? Well apparently not and being fair to him, his singing is OK and he seems a decent bloke. I can never be negative to Simon Cowell, even if its not the real one. He got through 3 votes to 1. Guess who said no? 

Harry and Keshia, aka Emotions, briefly showed us their mime act and it was, well a bit pants. 


Operaetcetera weren't much better and were very quickly pointed to the exit door. 

I am hoping Bus driver Tai Bill will improve proceedings but, well, no he didn't. That reminds me, how do the bumble bees get to school? They take the school buzz. Ha Ha, sorry, moving on. 

I'm usually not a fan of dance troupes but The Addict Initiative brought something slightly different and dark to the game. Expertly choreographed and very impressive. Looking forward to seeing what they do next.  After seeing former BGT winners Diversity live a few times, I have high expectations of dancers and dance troupes. Getting the 'Midas' thumbs up, you have to be good. Well done The Addict Initiative. 

Jon Clegg brought something very rare to the impressionist table. He was actually good and the impressions actually sounded like the people he was imitating. I really liked him.  


Bollywood dancer Rafi Raja had everyone on his side, when he told us that he couldn't be with the one he loves, but when we he told us it was because of HIS career he lost us. He lost us again even more when he started to dance.


Oldham Sapphires performed a routine to 'I Need a Hero'. At that moment, all I needed was my buzzer. 

Shakira inspired Matthew Huggins quickly followed and without sounding rude, it looked like he was making it up as he went along. It's a no from me. 

We need inspiration, we need dancers that can actually dance and when French trio Arnaud, Mehdi and Yanis appeared in their high heels, I was fearing the worst. How wrong was I? The guys performed to a medley of Spice Girls songs and were excellent. Better than the real thing! Their timing and energy was a joy to watch and the audience agreed and gave them a standing ovation. It was an easy yes from Amanda, Alesha, David and my Simon.  


The good thing about BGT is that it allows unsigned singers to showcase their own self penned songs. Remember young Gabz? She got her chance last year and she went on to have a top 10 hit. 

So good luck to Janice Pearson and Bernadette Lewin. They were both given the opportunity to showcase their own work, one about Christmas and The Queen. All I can say is, I don't think Simon will be using any of these songs for his artists. 

Last up tonight were Bars & Melody aka 15 year old Charlie and 13 year old Leondre from Wales. The likeable lads explained that their version of 'Hope' was inspired by the bullying of Leondre. The moment they walked on the stage, they had a presence, rarely captured and I knew I was about to witness something good. Then they started. Emotional, capturvating and brilliant are just three words to explain this  audition. I love them. At exactly the same time as my Simon, I leaned forward and guess what...I pressed my GOLDEN BUZZER. Welcome to Team Midas and more importantly they are straight in to the live shows. At last, Lucy Kay finally has some company on Team Midas

What a fantastic end to round five of the auditions. 

Right, I'm off to dance in my high heels, see you next week.