16/07/2012 19:29 BST | Updated 16/07/2012 19:29 BST

Share Some Love for Cher Lloyd‏

In 2010, as I was in full swing in reviewing the X Factor auditions, I made the following comments about a certain Ms Cher Lloyd.

"Next up was one of the best auditions I have ever seen whilst I have been making predictions about X-Factor, and a potential winner. Sixteen-year-old Cher Lloyd oozed pop star quality from the minute we saw her backstage, she has the look and the stage presence to be a big star whether she wins or loses on X-Factor".

I know talent when I see it, (One Direction & Leona Lewis anyone) and Cher Lloyd had it in abundance.

She enjoyed fantastic reviews in the lead up to bootcamp and the press loved her. She was the new golden girl.

But how quick the sands of time change! As she reached the live shows the media took a sudden dislike to her, sometimes being darnright nasty. Negative after negative comments appeared in the national media. I chose to stick up for her, no matter what I got back.

I don't know Cher, but warmed to this girl. I knew this girl would do it. Some people have 'IT' and Cher Lloyd definitely had 'IT' (I know I sound like Simon Cowell)

She battled on, putting the comments to the back of her mind and made it to the grand final. Eventually she finished in fourth place just behind my Midas act of that year, a little known band called One Direction.

Since the show Cher has gone on to have a number one with Swagger Jagger, ( even made a t-shirt blaming me for that) a top five début album and is currently climbing the charts in the US.

On the 28th July, Cher will be 19 years old. In her short life in the industry, she has achieved a level of success that most acts can only dream of in their entire careers. That is not an accident, that is called talent.

So love or hate her, Cher Lloyd will be around for quite a while yet. Please give this girl some positive support as her success will open doors for other young British artists, not only here but around the world.

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