16/09/2013 10:18 BST | Updated 16/09/2013 10:18 BST

The X Factor 2013 Show Six

So on to the Arena and welcome back to Souli Roots. Just get on with it woman. Less shouting and less of the drum please. Well, better than Wagner but perhaps not the next Leona Lewis. Please X Factor, no more acts like this.

Now let's have some talent...

Step up Lydia Lucy, a good singer, great look BUT I do honestly think, she would fit very nicely in a girl band. The last time I said someone would look good in a band, it was about a certain Liam Payne, I wonder what happened to him? 

Jeanette Akua was a brief but brilliant diamond, would love to see more of this girl. Another one for a band?

Boy group Rough Copy took on the arena and won. I wasn't a fan after their room audition, but much better in the arena. Slowly warming to them.

The singing bus driver James McDonald sang his heart out but the arena was sadly his last stop. Keep at it James. You are still popular.

After a montage of no's, Stephanie Woods returned after her amazing room audition. Her first song choice was awful and dated, Stephanie what were you thinking? Thankfully, cause I like her and am with Sharon on this one, the judges gave her a second chance but please take the warning.

What this years' X Factor is missing is a really good boyband...

Step up Kingsland. I like them and their buckets of energy. Vocals not perfect but still better than most. Keep an eye on these lads.

The new Journey South (+1) aka Next of Kin, also got four yesses and made it through to bootcamp. 

The reason I like this show is because it gives people a chance to change their lives. Nicholas McDonald your life has just changed. Brilliant audition. What a voice. Wow.

That's your lot for tonight, just one more weekend of auditions to go.

Right, I'm off to throw out Stephanie's CD collection, see you next week.