The X Factor 2014 Bootcamp Show Three

Sunday night and Simon continued to choose for his category, keeping us hanging on after Jay James had been promised a seat on Saturday's show. Let the fun (really Dean) and games commence.

We have reached the final countdown of bootcamp 2014. What a nervy and exhausting weekend....and that's just me. Last night, Team Midas lost Geoff Mull but Ben Haenow gave us a truly memorable audition.

Sunday night and Simon continued to choose for his category, keeping us hanging on after Jay James had been promised a seat on Saturday's show. Let the fun (really Dean) and games commence.

After a bit of deliberation Simon sent home Kisela, with two singers to go and no available seats can Fleur pull it out of the bag? It was a different start to her audition, (wonder where she got those glasses) and OK vocal, nothing special but good enough. Cheryl said she has, "got something" and Simon said it was her, "best performance". Simon gave her seat and to Cheryl's delight, the heavens opened and he sent home Raign.

Last act to perform was Helen Fulthorpe. With her kids watching in the audience, she gave it everything and more. She even made Mel B cry. With the audience screaming to give her a seat, Simon agreed and right at the death, another dream is about to be dashed. Just not Ben please.

Simon firstly picked Lizzy but them changed his mind and swapped her with Janet. You could cut the tension with a knife.

His final selection off to judges houses are Team Midas' Ben Haenow, Jay, Helen, Stevi, Lizzy and Fleur.

Last up is Louis and the Groups...come on Only The Young.

First up was 15 year old twins The Brooks. Again because of their age, if the get a chair, they are off to judges houses. They look great, good singers and young enough to work with. Cheryl said they were, "adorable". Louis agreed and gave them a seat. Pack your bags lads.

The biggest boy band in X Factor history were next, created at bootcamp the lads were given a lifeline. Singing 'Run' it understandably started rusty but gained momentum very quickly, bearing in mind they had only rehearsed for 24 hours. They did a fantastic job. If this moulds, this could be huge. I mean massive. Mel B loved them, Cheryl said they were, "fresh" and "exciting" and Simon said they were, one of the, "best bands" ever. Easy seat. Well done.

The female Jedward aka Blonde Electric got a seat after a very mediocre version of 'I love rock and roll'. You know Louis will love them and he does. One more seat taken.

In a huge shock the Pow Pow Girls were sent home. The crowd started booing shouting, "Bring them back" Simon even said to Louis, "sometimes you have got to listen to what the audience are saying" and after more booing, Louis decided to bring them back.

After all that chaos, it was nice to hear Overload's brilliant audition. Again, they have a very cool vibe to them and got a seat. Cheryl said, "you could have sang the yellow pages and they (the audience) wouldn't have cared"

The new bootcamp girl band, that included two friends of mine, Team Midas' Voice act Amelia and Abi. They gave it their best shot, again with more time together, there could be something special here. I really like them. Louis agreed and gave them a seat.

I'm getting tense now, this is going to the wire.

Five piece boyband Concept came out fighting and Louis gave them a seat, telling Blonde Electric it was game over. But after saying to Simon that he had, "lost the fun" Blonde Electric were brought back and the new girl band were sent home. Are you keeping up? Blimey.

Team Midas' Only The Young did a fantastic version of '9 to 5'. They look and sound great, a complete ready made package. Mel B gave them a standing ovation. In my professional opinion they could hit the studio tomorrow and record you a top 10 album. Three words, ones to watch.

Then chaos insued when Louis gave OTY a seat but sent home audience favourites Overload. Mel B said to Cheryl, "I though he was going to say Pow Pow (girls)" This was all getting ugly and the crowd weren't happy. I thinks Simon even used the word, "riot"

After much confusion and Overload saying they wanted to, "battle" for their place. Louis said the last place would be a sing off between Pow Pow vs Overload. After Cheryl intervened the new girl band joined the battle.

After three great performances, Louis saved....the new girl band. What a pantomime.

The groups going to judges houses with Louis are: Only The Young, Concept, The Brooks, New boy band, New girl band and Blonde Electric.

After three exhausting days, that is it. Just 24 remain and Team Midas are proud to have three of them.

Right, I'm off to get some sleep...see you next week


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