The X Factor 2014 MJ vs Queen

The spooky costumes and eerie backdrops have been packed away for another year and this weekend we move on with a Michael Jackson vs Queen theme.

The spooky costumes and eerie backdrops have been packed away for another year and this weekend we move on with a Michael Jackson vs Queen theme.

Last weekend we sadly lost Team Midas' brilliant Lola Saunders, now leaving Only The Young and Ben Haenow.

Dancing Dermot was back and hold on, some of the judges still think its Halloween. Please take off those masks...oh wait a minute. Always time for a bit of humour!

So with the acts 'Under Pressure' will any of them be 'Bad' we go.

After a couple of negative weeks Paul Akister needs a good week and, without sounding like a broken record, he is vocally amazing, I would never ever doubt that. Would I want to see him in concert? No. I just don't feel he is connecting. Louis said, "you are an amazing singer." Simon said, "If you're miserable, we are miserable, if you are happy, we are happy."

Ex soldier Jay James had a bad week after he lost his voice and I think this affected his performance. It wasn't bad but the pressure and stress was wrote all over his face. Mel B said, "she wasn't feeling it." Simon said, "it's very rare you get a second chance."

The Essex wonder, aka Lauren Platt, looks like a popstar and sounds like a popstar. I love her. Vocally bang on every week. A certain finalist in my opinion. Great job. Louis said,"you look like.." eh hold on, that's what I said. Give me a job Simon. Cheryl said, "it just shows how much of a professional you are, at your age to deliver like that."

Team Midas' Only The Young are getting stronger and stronger every week. Their energy and enthusiasm just oozes from the stage. Great chemistry, faultless singing and they look fantastic. 10/10. Simon said, "Somethings happening in the air with you guys." Louis said,"we need this band in the competition."

Ben Haenow takes up a lot of time, with family, friends and business colleagues always telling me how much they like him and his voice. Tonight, in any one's books Ben, was world class. To take on a Michael Jackson classic (Man in the Mirror) and sing the first minute totally acapella, takes a lot of guts. Ben you nailed it. Mel B said, "your vocals were too exposed." eh? are you watching the same thing Mel? Simon said, "we are seeing a star potentially being born."

Whose following on from world class Ben...Stevi. Oh dear. Well, now the competition is hotting up, nice and entertaining goes out the window. The staging was good. That's it. Louis said "The David Brent of The X Factor."

After being in the bottom two for the second time Stereo Kicks need to not only give a good showing but they also need to start connecting with the voting public. When they are stripped back, it's amazing. Hold on, whose that on the stage? Have the eight become nine? Mel B said, "this is your best performance to date"

Fleur East has the whole package and since judges houses, she has come from nowhere to now become one of the favourites for the X Factor crown. This was a tremendous and one of my performances of the night. Cheryl said, "people will throughly enjoy you on the tour." Simon said, "you are a great singer."

Last up was Italian stallion Andrea Faustini. I am fast running out of things to say about Andrea. Amazing, brilliant, fantastic are just a few to describe this vocal. Book a room for finals night, because you are a cert. Great end to the show. Louis said, "It's my favourite performance of the whole series." Mel B said, "you have super stardom"

In 24 hours 'Another one bites the dust...people of the UK it's over to you.

Right, I'm off to join the Stereo Kicks...see you next week.


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