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The X Factor 2013 Live Show Five

This week the acts are laid bare, no backing tracks and nowhere to hide. Just the power of a thirty piece big band for company. And how impressive they were, never mind our eight contestants.

Kingsland Road became the fourth act to leave the show last week. I will miss their energy and fun, but in an already busy boy band market, I didn't really know where they will fit in. Time will tell, if I'm right.

So will this week be a load of old trumpets or a cool harmonica?

Abi Alton opened the show, swinging the band into action. Unfortunately she was out of her comfort zone again. She would have perhaps stole the show if she had performed on her piano with the band to back her up and add some jazzy boom. But as it was, I really think she could be in trouble after that performance.

Sam Bailey followed and took the show to a different level. Week after week she is outstanding, world class. She tackles each theme effortlessly with an aura very rarely seen on any talent show. I can't wait to see her next week already.

Baby face Nicholas McDonald is another very consistent performer; another act, who is starting to bridge away from the rest. A great week for Nicholas. He needs to loosen his dancing feet though. The rhythm hasn't quite got him yet!

Of all the remaining acts, Luke Friend was the one I was most fearful for with this weeks theme. I think he would have been aware of that and although he gave it 110% it wasn't the best.

After a week of voice rest, (industry speak for don't talk) Hannah Barratt must have been apprehensive. She didn't need to be. I loved the raspy tone in her vocal. It would concern me though if her voice rest was a regular thing, but that's for the future.

For the first time this year, I was also swept along with the ad breaks. The Christmas countdown has now officially begun. When I saw the traditional, the Holidays are Coming ad, from Coca Cola, that was it. #excited.

The last remaining group, Rough Copy, bring an energy that makes you smile whenever they perform, I hope these guys are around for a long while yet, they are 'snazzy'

Another set of heartwarming Christmas adverts followed. Someone must have been cutting onions, ahem, anyway.

After finding herself in the bottom two last week, Tamera Foster had to come back with a bang. Watching her tonight, how the hell are people not liking her. She looks and sounds every inch the pop star, she is destined to be. Good luck and let's hope she has no problems this week.

Last up, was my mate Sam Callahan.

Every week Sam comes out and gives it 110% but for some reason, certain judges, don't seem to want to give him a chance. I thought this was his best week of the competition to date, he even got his hips swinging along with the band to put on an impressive show. Think he liked the ladies there too! For some reason Gary refused say anything nice to Sam, in fact he struggled to say anything at all. Do these people forget the times when they were young and looking for their break in the industry?

The good news for the remaining contestants is that Simon Cowell confirmed, that they will all be on the 2014 X Factor tour. Well done all.

The bottom two were Hannah Barratt and Abi Alton

The Fifth act to leave was Abi Alton