20/04/2015 19:28 BST | Updated 20/06/2015 06:59 BST

Dear Katie Hopkins

In the highly unlikely event that we ever meet, I have a distinct feeling that we will not get on. You see, I'm fat, have a diagnosis of reoccurrent clinical depression and work for the public sector- or in your dialect, a lazy, work shy, feckless, victim who wallows in self pity and sloth. Oh, and I forgot momentarily (those biscuits are so distracting) to mention that I live in social housing as well which is, in Hopkinese, no doubt a further lack of moral fibre and aspiration.

Furthermore, I don't have a problem with kids named after towns/cities/countries/continents/planets. Neither do I object to Rochdale Council marking Pakistan Day by briefly raising a flag. I don't think that all Muslim men are sexual predators and I'm not overtly concerned about whether an MP masturbates in the privacy of his own home with or without the aid of legal pornography. I see boat loads of migrants as desperate and terrified dislocated people risking their lives in courageous and often vain attempts at escape rather than a feral plague worthy only of death by gun boat fire.

However, there are things that offend me to the core and these are narcissism, prejudice, bigotry, bullying, hatred, judging others without fact or evidence and those so desperate for notoriety that they shed any last thread of basic humanity, humility, self respect and empathy by publicly debasing themselves with a predictable spiel of bile via social media and a right wing tabloid newspaper.

Some argue that your constant need for publicity through offensive soundbite is simply an act and that you have cast yourself in the role of a grotesque bigoted pantomime dame to feed your desire to be in the public eye and earn money. If this is the case, then I wonder why anyone would stoop so low by settling for a 'career' in hatred. Granted the army couldn't retain you due to your health and you blew out Lord Sugar, but I'm sure that you could find employment that is positively productive and might even contribute to society. In fact, when it comes to irresponsible feckless idleness, I venture that any employment being based upon writing lazy, muck raking poisonous opinion pieces, posting cheap tweets of bigotry and being reliant upon offers of appearances on celebrity 'reality' TV is at best a flimsy temporary source of income and not exactly a paragon of healthy values.

Maybe you really are as you portray yourself in public. In that case, I feel sorry for you. To be devoid of any humanity, grace, respect and love for anything other than the need for self publicity sounds like a living hell to me and a recipe for a very sad and lonely long term future.

Because, like it or not, notoriety and hatred alone will not keep you in the public eye forever. In time, your predicable need for the public expression of ignorance, prejudice and hatred will become mundane and unattractive to others. Public interest in an age of social media is a short lived, fickle animal that moves onto the next big thing rapidly. And then where will you be? I cannot imagine many employers fighting to employ someone so full of hatred and judgemental narrow mindedness.

I suspect that you will slide into obscurity gracelessly, spewing bile into a world that will not notice nor care about your warped world view. Maybe you will end up in the same position as those you condemn and malign- depressed, reliant upon benefits and, horror of horrors, fat. (The ability to rapidly lose weight through crash dieting that you favour diminishes with age you know).

When, and I truly believe when rather than if, this happens, maybe you will finally realise that true happiness comes from kindness, basic humanity, acceptance and appreciation rather than debasing yourself in a grotesque media spotlight based only upon your ignorance and hatred. But by then it'll be too late. Maybe we'll bump into each other in Lidl eh?