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How To Make Your Hair Extensions Last

When your hair is your BAE

If my years of applying hair extensions has taught me anything, it's that women use hair extensions for a variety of different reasons. For some it's simply a special treat. Maybe for a wedding or a significant birthday. Another common reason is to grow out an unwanted hairstyle; for those that have fallen victim to a hideous fashion trend.

But then there are the hair extension veterans. The core group of individuals who regard their hair extensions as much a part of them as an arm or a leg. And just like any other limb, they don't wish to be detached from it. So if you want to join that gang, you'll need to be initiated properly.

Find the Right Method For You

This is a crucial step in the process and you must be honest with yourself about what you deem important about how the hair looks once applied. You will also need to look at the limitations of both the methods and your own hair to determine what you can work with. For instance, if you prefer a lot of thickness; more than 200g for example. You should choose a method that uses wefts rather than individual strands as wefts can withstand more volume. They will also use less of your headspace to do it. However, if you don't require much thickness and you have very fine hair, your decisions will be very different. You may want to opt for micro bonds or tape in extensions to ensure the attachments can't be seen.

Find the Right Hair


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OK so this is without doubt, the most difficult one to get right! The market is flooded with hair extension companies claiming to have amazing hair. And to be honest, with the right marketing; they do a very convincing job. But hair extension purists will know this is rarely the case. You do have to put a certain amount of trust into the whichever brand you choose. However, if you ask the right questions you can get a good idea if they really know their stuff.

A good place to start is to ask about the origin of your hair. You need to know what country or region it originated from. You also need to know how it was produced and whether it has been processed. Processed hair often comes from multiple donors which can give a very dense effect. This means there is a lack of movement and can sometimes just hang like curtains if not styled. Ideally your hair should be from single donors, cuticle correct and unprocessed.

Single or Double?


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Hair production is either single or double drawn. Single drawn has shorter hairs within the bundle and tapers off towards the ends. In double drawn hair, the shorter hairs are removed, giving the hair much thicker ends. As to which one is better; that's a matter of opinion. If you are unsure, you should always choose the latter. A good hairdresser will easily be able to thin a double drawn bulk out. You can also expect a shorter life expectancy with single drawn hair. The hair will get shorter much quicker and may require more cutting when it comes time for your maintenance.

Get A Separate Cutting Appointment


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Even if you do get a basic cut immediately after application, book in with your regular hair stylist for a more intricate cut. After hair extensions are applied, wash it and cut it again. The hair will be more settled with your own and often will require further blending.

There is no one perfect formula for seamlessly blended hair extensions but there are things that can be done to ensure it is perfect for you. Knowing what works for your hair will guide you to ask the right questions before you purchase. If you really are hair extensions for life, you want quality. You want longevity. And you certainly don't want to be changing or fussing with your extensions on a regular basis. With some due diligence, you can ensure that once applied, you can just wash and go. Your hair extensions are your crown. If you wear them every day, wear them like a queen.


Photo Credit: Studio Seven50