hair trends

If my years of applying hair extensions has taught me anything, it's that women use hair extensions for a variety of different reasons. For some it's simply a special treat. Maybe for a wedding or a significant birthday. Another common reason is to grow out an unwanted hairstyle; for those that have fallen victim to a hideous fashion trend.
A mum has hit back at strangers who have criticised her choice to temporarily colour her daughter’s hair. Mary Thomaston
Graffiti hair is the coolest new trend to hit hairdressers in a long time. Using plastic stencils and temporary spray-on
The trend for hair tattoos has evolved since Kylie Jenner sported a festival-worthy metallic temporary transfer. The latest
With the winter months feeling like their dragging on there's no better way to spruce yourself up than with a hot new hair colour. But what are the newest colour's and which one is right for you?
A woman runs her hand through her dark hair to reveal a flash of beautiful purple, blue and green tones in a video that has
Two new instatrends are making pink hair wearable for everyone who has ever dreamed of pearly locks, but didn't know if they
Alexa Chung sported a new tousled hair do just a few hours after models at Holly Fulton's London Fashion Week show debuted