Graffiti Hair Is The Graphic Trend We All Want For Summer

We hope our boss approves.

Graffiti hair is the coolest new trend to hit hairdressers in a long time.

Using plastic stencils and temporary spray-on colour, graffiti hair may feature intricate designs, but it's a look that can be achieved in an impresively quick time.

Janine Ker, who is pioneering the technique in London, told Buzzfeed News: "I saw hair stenciling a while back, and it inspired me, especially because I am an artist, and immediately the possibilities came to mind of what my hands could do with these stencils."

Designs can easily be personalised and coloured according to the client's tastes and current hair colour.

Ker added: "As a hair stylist, it’s definitely easy to get stuck in one way of doing things, but being in the beauty industry, we always have to constantly evolve, because beauty is always evolving.”

Ker told Mane Addicts that the designs take between five and 30 minutes to create, depending on how complicated the pattern is.

She advises anyone who wants to try out the trend to consider how much their hair moves: "I would say to consider movement and how much that will play into your hairstyle. On long haired models, I secure the hairstyle first with hairspray before I create the design."

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Ker explained that the graffiti colour is designed to last one wash, and comes out easily without leaving any permanent damage to your hair.

We know what we're getting done for Bestival.

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