14/02/2017 11:00 GMT | Updated 15/02/2018 05:12 GMT

The New Age Mother

In this day and age, the Internet has been a saviour for so many people-- in my case, with being a new mother, the Internet helped me a lot to prepare for having a baby!

During my pregnancy, every night I would read on the stages that you experience just before you go into labour, as well as what to do when the baby is physically here! I would sit through countless of YouTube videos watching all of these women give birth to their babies. I would watch water births, home births with no assistance, home births with assistance, stillbirths, births in the hospital where they administer drugs, births in the hospital where they did it all natural-- you name, I watched it!

I wanted to watch everything that had to do with giving birth to prepare my mind. But after a seeing a couple of delivery videos that didn't go too well-- I decided to stop watching because I didn't want anything to stay in my mind to cause me to think something may go wrong with my delivery.

But when you are preparing for child birth you do need to have a positive mindset as well as the right support around you-- it is a very crucial time.

The Internet is so easy-- you just go to google and type in whatever you want to search for and with a tap of a button what you searched for is right before your eyes. I will confess, after I had my son every little thing he would do I would Google it to see what I could do from a little cough, to a rash, to how a baby sleeps, to how he breathes-- I Googled everything. But what I noticed every single time that I Googled was that there would be something in depth about it that gave me reassurance, but also there are so many communities online that are dedicated to mothers.

We have the communities that we can physically go to and sit down with other mothers, or there are online communities that with a couple of taps of a button you can post your question or concern and within minutes you get so many replies and useful advice.

But if you are a mummy and you do have a concern that is very serious consult your paediatrician, health visitor or doctor. Everything that I did google I also mentioned it when I would go to see my health visitor.

Being a new mother still I always have worries and the Internet did help to make me realise that I wasn't crazy and the things that I'm doing is also done by a vast majority of mothers!

Overall-- being a mother is a very exhilarating experience, and with a touch of a button you can communicate with mothers from all a round the world who have a vast range of experience and support.