"I didn’t feel allowed to not know whether I wanted a child someday. It was either/or, with character assumptions attached to each."
"Wine moms represented motherhood as revolutionary refusal, as 'who cares,' as 'don’t judge me,' as 'get out now.'"
"The allegation that I had been somehow inappropriate, the implication that I might be harming my son in some way... hit me in an emotional place."
"On my 43rd birthday, the card and the call never came. I was starting to fade from her mind."
"It’s expected that we have a father to walk us down the aisle, a mother to be our everything. What about those of us who don’t have these relationships?"
From hampers and a limited Jo Malone scent to a sound wave song print and a photo flipbook, these thoughtful buys are sure to leave your Mum beaming on Mother’s Day.
“I actually had somebody messaging me telling me I should be locked up."
Marriage certificates will now be available online in England and Wales – and give mums a long-awaited role in the process.
At the London premiere of her her latest movie "The Aftermath" Keira Knightley said crying on command during emotional scenes was easy because she's an exhausted mother.