Green Office Week - It's Simple!

It's Green Office Week, so I've put together some useful tips for 'greening-up' the workplace...

I was surprised to see in a recent study that only 42% of office workers thought in these tough economic times it makes good sense for their workplaces to be more sustainable - but it's a start! It's Green Office Week, so I've put together some useful tips for 'greening-up' the workplace...You might have heard them before, but are you doing anything about it?

Try paperless - OK so cutting out all printing may seem a little extreme but how many of us are still printing emails, or their attachments to read them. If you do print, is the paper recycled? And be mindful of what you do with the waste - just like at home.

Switch off - ask staff to switch off light and plug sockets when they're not using them - handy reminders next to switches have a very high success rate. If they use mobile phone chargers make sure they're unplugged when not in use and, if a bulb needs changing make sure it gets replaced with an energy saving one; they're really very good now and they'll save you money too!

On yer bike - there are many ways businesses can encourage staff to travel more 'greenly' to work. Initiatives such as the 'bike 2 work scheme' offer employees tax breaks on the purchase of a new bike if their employer is enrolled. It's a great incentive for staff - especially if like me you're a keen cyclist! Good old noticeboards and intranets are great for highlighting staff that want to share travel to work (and reduce their weekly fuel costs). And what about having dedicated travel to work days where you try to reduce the number of car miles.

Check appliances - fridges, toasters, printers, kettles and laptops are commonplace in the modern office and depending upon their age and quality can provide varying levels of energy efficiencies. If they need replacing check the energy efficiency ratings of any new products you're considering - I bet you look at the mpg of any vehicles you buy, why not electrical appliances?

Choose a green electricity provider - as simple as making a phone call! Choose a provider who, like us, can provide 100% sustainable electricity sourced from wind, hydro, solar and even more weird and wonderful methods such as anaerobic digestion.

I hope you'll change at least one of your habits...!


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