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The home secretary was defending the government's latest U-turn on a green pledge.
"It’s hard to live in this country when it’s run by morons."
More than two thirds of the public also fear the government won't meet its climate change commitments.
With the world facing a climate emergency, everyone feels compelled to recycle but is it as easy as made out? Across the UK, councils employ different methods and plans to recycling, making for confusing guidelines that change by area. With products sometimes comprising of several materials it can also be confusing on how best to recycle, running the risk of contaminating recycled materials and sending everything to landfill.
At MHA Stratton House, a care home for over-65s, residents have been doing their part to help the environment. From recycling hearing aid batteries, to growing their own vegetables, to making Ecobricks - bottles filled with waste plastic that be sent away to use as building material - the group are out to prove that you're never too old to make a difference.
2019 has been a year of global protests for climate change action, but it also saw steps being made across the world towards helping the environment. From the species that made a comeback, to plastic bottles being used to buy train tickets, to one million bee gardens being planted, we take a look at the ways that the world got a little greener.
Founder Randy Rampersand maxed out his credit cards and took out a business loan so that he could open the Green Vic, possibly the world's most ethical pub. From the beer to the toilet paper, most products have links to charitable organisations and thanks to recycling and composting, the pub avoids sending anything to landfill. The Green Vic also employs ex-offenders and homeless people.