17/03/2014 09:15 GMT | Updated 16/05/2014 06:59 BST

Are We Ready to 'Steam It Up'?

In any given location in the world, a population is missing some essential vitamin. In northern countries such as Canada or Alaska, people develop bone problems and depression from a lack of vitamin D, vegetarians and/or vegans tend to lack B vitamins, Zinc, and Calcium, and individuals with anemia suffer from lack of iron. In addition to these large groups, there are still countless individuals with specific deficiencies; newborns that lack appropriate levels of essential vitamins, and there are those who seek to enhance and increase their consumption of multivitamins overall. Our global world is also becoming a world with new nutritional deprivations, be it for access to food security or climate.


Source: Wikipedia

Within this framework of health concerns lay the potential for steam utilization, which has been around for some time, still heavily underutilized, given its benefits. Through steam's healing powers, we can address the widespread lack of essential nutrients that individuals and larger groups need in order to be at our healthiest. Imagine a world so permeated with vitamins that in every environment you encounter, from the moment you get out of bed to the time you meet friends for dinner, you're breathing in clean, enriched air. Long days at the office will be bearable, crowded flights less stressful and daily workouts enhanced by the air you are breathing. Through simple technology, the work of a recently launched start-up, SteamCo utilizes the solubility of vitamins through steam to provide you with a new, attractive and convenient way to get them from air to body. When first exposed to their concept, it became clear to me, the transformative power of such a product.

Steam, as a natural element, provides a daily supplementation and mood boosters in a natural and fun way. In an age where "healthy is king", the value chain of this company has the potential to ice-break the market and add a new significant element, to the wellbeing/well-living industry, which counts for billions, just in the US.

By threading vitamin-infused environments with inimitable style, oral steam allows both professional and recreational users with ready access to vitamins and nutrients for themselves, their family, or their customers through a creative medium. It is not too far fetching to imagine the array of byproducts that could enrich the entrance of these products into our most common environments. SteamCo may even be unaware of the untapped pool of opportunities that their idea may unleash.

Oral steam inhalation and vitamin absorption through the skin are old concepts. Skin is a permeable organ that spa therapies have treated for decades, just as saunas are an enjoyable way to refresh and purify your system with heat and moisture heavy air. Epsom salt baths are used to quickly raise magnesium in the blood, and many health centers add vitamin E to their steam rooms. Vitamin D soaks into the skin from the sun, and herbal and floral lotions are applied for their healing properties. We know all of this for the proliferation of day spa centers, in large metropolitan cities, as a response to an increasing debt of vitamins that our bodies suffer, given the hectic lifestyle.

Perhaps most exciting is the endless growth potential of this technology. Not only is it the perfect fit for health clubs, gyms, and yoga studios wanting to add an extra kick to workouts, but also it drastically transforms and improves the control one has over the environment. Airlines can install large humidifiers in planes, turning flying into a rejuvenating experience rather than draining and taxing the immune system. Partnering with city governments opens doors for cleaner and healthier public transportation, ultimately creating healthier citizens and decreasing the burden on public healthcare. This product truly has limitless potential as we expand into different areas of personal and commercial use. Whether it is on a large or small scale, the immune boosting power and intensive healing properties of all-natural steam are undeniable, and with added vitamins and minerals, the benefits are exponential.

This is the next steam revolution and it has started by 3 young entrepreneurial spirits. Will they manage to break into our habits and steam us up? If they manage, it would not hurt us for sure.