Which London Mayor Candidate Are You Most Like?

Which London Mayor Candidate Are You Most Like?

What does a modern democracy look like? Imagine if rather than sitting on the tube checking Facebook you spent a few minutes each week voting on issues you care about:

Would you vote to pedestrianise Oxford Street? Build the 'Garden Bridge'? Should the Oystercard work in shops?

There are twelve candidates asking for your vote on 5 May. Who most shares your values and what would you like them to know?

At election times there are often tools to compare to candidates, but only one - Represent - is using this opportunity to bring you a new kind of modern, continuous, open democracy.

Represent saves your answers to create a public dashboard, which anyone can continue contributing to when the elections are through. This way no matter who wins, the Mayor is reminded who they work for, and knows what you want them to do. Try it out at https://represent.me/london (you'll have to create an account to see detailed comparisons to the candidates):

The candidates have (mostly) declared that they want to see a more open and democratic London, four of the candidates are using Represent to listen to you already. This is your opportunity to make a democratic London a reality.

Find out which London mayor candidate are you most like and join a movement for a modern democracy at https://represent.me/london

Not in London? Represent works locally, nationally, and globally. You might like to start by having your say on the EU Referendum and all things Europe.


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