A second Trump win could empower right-wing figures in Europe.
Read an exclusive extract from S.V. Dáte’s new book on how Trump killed the Republican Party with racism and the rest of us with coronavirus.
The PM has refused the Russia report’s call to investigate possible interference by Moscow in the 2016 EU referendum.
Parliament has ignored warnings on fake news for 2 years and now democracy is at stake, DCMS Select Committee member Ian Lucas writes.
No lawyer, no matter how brilliant, could argue what Boris Johnson did was anything other than an unprecedented power grab, Tim Walker writes.
Hundreds of secondary school students attended a pro-democracy demonstrations in central Hong Kong on Monday (September 2) as part of a wider anti-government movement that has plunged the Chinese-ruled city in its biggest political crisis in decades. Protesters had called for a general strike but most people appeared to return to their daily lives with shops opening, trains operating and workers making their way to offices across the global financial hub.
We cannot underestimate the impact mandatory ID checks will have on our democracy, Labour MP Cat Smith writes.
Which state will next be deemed too troublesome to be allowed to participate in democracy, asks HuffPost India's editor in chief.
Flight attendants and airport staff have begun a planned 11-hour protest at Hong Kong international airport to call on the government to account for a violent attack on residents by suspected gang members last week. The aviation staff were joined by demonstrators dressed in black, who staged the sit-in changing “Free Hong Kong” as travellers continued to use the terminal.
New cross-party group to begin inquiry on how to protect democracy from dark money, disinformation and foreign interference.