16/06/2016 12:42 BST | Updated 16/06/2017 06:12 BST

Why Vote Leave In 7 Days Time

So this is it. We have one week until the biggest vote in a generation, one week until Britain either signs up to the United States of Europe and all the things that come along with that including no borders, an EU army and the Euro or Britain will choose to take back control. Take back control of our law making, take back control of our borders, take back control of our country. It's not a choice of the status quo or leaving. It's ever closer union or becoming a self governing prosperous nation once more.

The case for leaving is quite clear. We believe that you, the British voters are the people that should hire and fire our law makers. They shouldn't be unelected bureaucrats who you cannot get rid of if you do not approve of they're doing. These people make over 50% of your laws yet we never voted on any EU commissioner, nor did we ever elected any of the five presidents (yes, you heard me, 5 presidents). This is a system that breeds corruption and only makes the politicians serve them selves, not you, the people they're meant to. I mean, why would they? They don't have to worry about loosing their seat in five years time, they're not accountable to anybody. This is why we must say enough is enough, unelected elites, your time is up. You're fired. It's time we chose who makes 100% of our laws and if we're not happy with them, then we can vote them out.

Not only should we take back control of our democracy, but we need to finally control our borders once again. For too long we have allowed Brussels to dictate to us our immigration policy, telling us who we have to accept. I want a new, fairer immigration policy, one that allows us to control how many people come into the country, but also allows us to still get the highly skilled workers when we need them. For too long we've rejected Indian doctors and Australian engineers in favour of unskilled European migrants. The current discriminatory policy we see from the EU isn't one i want. I want a policy not based on where you're from but what skills you can add to the United Kingdom, but the European Union has failed the grasp this and have continued with a failed open borders policy. The European Union's policy has made sure that working people's wages haven't risen in-line with inflation and has assured that jobs have been undercut by European migrants. It's time to take back control of our immigration policy and implement a policy that works best for Britain, not the EU.

One of my major gripes with the remain campaign is that they haven't fought this referendum on facts, only fear. We've heard time after time that we will lose our workers and human rights if we leave the European Union. I'm sorry but this is quite simply a lie. Under British law we're far more generous than EU law requires, take maternity leave, the EU requires that every member state grant 14 weeks, well we grant 52 weeks and that's enshrined in British law. So that means if we vote to leave on the 23rd June, come the day after it will still be there in British law. These type of scare stories and mistruths do not help the debate, they only make it harder for people to separate fact from fiction. We on the leave side have presented a positive, fact based argument for why we should leave this failing political union, we have not tried to scare you into making a decision.

So when it comes down to it, you have a choice. You can choose to vote leave and take back control, meaning we can spend the 350m a week we send to Brussels here in the UK on our own priorities like the NHS, schools and housing or we can continue down the winding path leading to the Euro and an EU army. We will only have one chance to leave, there won't be another, if we vote to remain Brussels will see this as a green light to fast track Britain into ever closer union and fulfil their dreams of one country - the United States of Europe, with the UK merely being a state with little to no power.

So a week today on the 23rd, vote with your head and heart, vote to leave the European Union and make Britain great again.